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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 5 review

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Warning: there are unmarked spoilers for all of Season 2 of The Walking Dead, including episode 5, below. Going forward, PC Gamer will review episodic games like TV episodes: critiquing and discussing the story of each episode as the season progresses, before assigning a score at the end of the season (season 2 review coming soon). Read more about how we review games in the PC Gamer reviews policy.

I cheated in episode five of The Walking Dead Season 2. Not with a code or a hack that lets Clementine and all of her friends live happily ever after. But I did cheat, or do something that feels like cheating, to me: after finishing episode five, I went back to two moments and did things differently. I sacrificed the purity of the story, the agony of making blind decisions, to see if things would play out differently. I didn’t expect the story to change so dramatically, or that replaying those decisions would completely change how I felt about the episode, but it did.

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5 trailer confirms there's no going back

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I'm about to put a lot of trust in Telltale Games. You see, normally it's good form to watch the game trailer that you're posting to a major gaming website. But this one, for Episode 5 of The Walking Dead: Season 2, contains "major" spoilers for the preceding parts. And while yes, I should really have played those episodes by now, there are around 125 other games in my "to play" list. Geeze, people, cut me some slack.

I apologise in advance it this is just five minutes and thirty-six seconds of wall-to-wall dongs.

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The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 4 review

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Warning: there are unmarked spoilers for all of Season 2 of The Walking Dead below. Going forward, PC Gamer will review episodic games like TV episodes: critiquing and discussing the story of each episode as the season progresses, before assigning a score at the end of the season. Read more about how we review games in the PC Gamer reviews policy.

"I've seen you take care of yourself more than any three adults put together," a bitter survivor says to Clementine in The Walking Dead Season 2's fourth episode Amid the Ruins. I've tried to convince him that I need him--that the group needs him to survive after escaping, battered and exhausted, from Carver's compound. He's not buying it. And he shouldn't.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 3 review

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Spoiler warning: this review contains light spoilers for the first two episodes of The Walking Dead Season Two. All references to specific events in episode three are kept vague to avoid spoiling the story.

Clementine is no longer a child. There's a moment near the end of In Harm's Way, the third episode of The Walking Dead season two, that removes all doubt: Clementine is smarter, more capable, and more reliable than nearly any of the adults around her. "Why does it always have to be me?" Clementine asks, with the tired resignation of an Indiana Jones or John McClane stepping up to do the action hero thing one more time. She stops just short of breaking the fourth wall and mugging to the camera.

This episode of Clementine's story left me thinking about two things: the increasingly graphic violence Telltale is willing to inflict upon its characters, and the challenge of balancing player empowerment with a character who is rarely empowered.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 review

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Gripping episodes like A House Divided are why we play The Walking Dead. They're why we gather online and around a lunch table to whisper about who we saved and who we lied to and why we feel terrible about it. In the second episode of its second season, Telltale has crafted an episode of The Walking Dead every bit as compelling and tense as anything in Lee Everett's first season.

The Walking Dead: Season 2's Episode 2 trailer shows A House Divided

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Telltale have released a trailer for the second episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2. It's called A House Divided, and will be a heart-warming tale of how, despite seemingly insurmountable differences, a group of people come together in a spirit of harmony and friendship. Oh wait, no, not that. The other thing. With the pettiness and regrets and monstrous retribution in a world where societal collapse leads to bitter, terrible survival.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2: A House Divided out in early March

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The Walking Dead season two's debut episode All That Remains was released on December 17, and it looks like the follow-up will arrive under the three month mark. We don't have an exact release date quite yet, but Telltale announced on its official Twitter account that episode two, A House Divided, will arrive in early March.

The Walking Dead's next chapter is "just around the corner", say Telltale

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After a solid season two opener, the next chapter of The Walking Dead will soon be bearing down on us. At least, that's my translation of a recent Telltale tweet. What they actually said was that their next slice of episodic zombie adventure is "just around the corner". I checked, and it's not. All that's around our nearest corner is Edge magazine, and they're not dead. Or are they? Dammit Telltale, what do you know that we don't?

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 1 review

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I am Clementine. You are Clementine. In the second season of Telltale's The Walking Dead, we are all Clementine. But what kind of Clementine will we choose to be? The Clementine who trusts no one and does whatever it takes to survive, alone, in the unforgiving new world order of zombies, and assholes who will inevitably become zombies? Or the Clementine who wants to find a new family, who believes there are still good people walking among the dead?

That Walking Dead: Season Two trailer is hard to watch in a good way

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Bite your lip and pretend like you're not about to cry as you watch this new trailer for The Walking Dead Season Two, which will start December 17 with an episode titled "All That Remains."

The Walking Dead: Season Two interview — What it's like to be Clementine

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The Walking Dead Season Two is almost here. Telltale’s Dennis Lenart, director of the Season Two premiere, and writer/season designer Mark Darin recently spoke to us about the series and its new pre-teen protagonist, fan-favorite Clementine.

Walking Dead Season 2 starts December 17

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According to the game's Steam page, Walking Dead Season 2 will begin on Dec. 17. You can pre-purchase the game now for a 10 percent discount bringing it to $22.49.

The Walking Dead Season 2 to be released this month, Telltale confirm Omid's return

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A horde is approaching. No, put down your pipes, it's not the undead. Instead, we're strengthening the barricades against the incoming emotional onslaught of The Walking Dead's second season. With its announcement details already dispatched, Telltale have now tweeted to confirm that the first episode will release this month. Called "All That Remains", a teaser image shows another familiar face now accompanies Clementine.

Telltale founder interested in creating Star Wars game, other games in the works

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Telltale Games founders Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner held a Reddit AMA on Tuesday, where they discussed their process for writing stories and their successful episodic model while hinting at their plans for the future, and divulged what the developer's dream setting for future adventure games would be.

The Walking Dead panel confirms Clementine will appear in Season 2

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Is that a spoiler? I don't think that's a spoiler. One of the benefits of zombie fiction is that a returning character doesn't necessarily mean a living character. Even so, if you're yet to play the first season of The Walking Dead, its probably best to do so soon, before something revealing slips out in the lead up to the sequel's release. For the rest of you, join me inside the post for some tantalising teases as to who might be making an appearance.

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Keep an eye out over the next few days to watch the rest of our discussion, including the impact of this year's expo on the PC as a whole, and our rampant speculation on E3 2014.

Telltale teaser possibly hints at more The Walking Dead

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Telltale are the latest developer to suffer a company-wide failure of all video recording software. It's a good thing we have the iOS app Vine: those few seconds of shaky-cam footage it enables are definitely a suitable replacement for proper gaming promotion. But what game are they promoting? The short teaser features an art style reminiscent of last year's The Walking Dead, and depicts a pinned photograph of a man named Vince.