The Redstone Update

Minecraft's Redstone update launches with community trailers, musical interlude

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Minecraft's Redstone update is out now. With it comes the bittersweet knowledge that, on the one hand, there are new mechanisms and blocks to play with, but on the other, most of your installed mods and adventure maps have most likely broken. It also comes with a whole bunch of community made trailers, courtesy of Mojang's Reddit campaign to get some video round-ups of the added features. They're pretty handy, because I no longer have to attempt an explanation of how Comparators work.

Minecraft's Redstone update due next week, pre-release available now

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If your idea of playing Minecraft is simply mining a bit of ore to build some better weapons with which to biff Creepers, the patch notes for the upcoming Redstone Update probably read like some alien language. It adds new sensors that create a signal output in response to variable weights or differing amount of sunlight. Then there's the Capacitor block, which allows for variable signal strengths. What's any of that got to do with the price of diamonds?

For the community's talented mapmakers, though, the added flexibility should be a huge boon. As well as the extra redstone circuitry, the update also provides more uses for the clever Command Blocks - giving extra tools to create amazing adventures, all without the need to install extra mods.

Minecraft Basketball: shoot hoops with this excellent community map

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One day, the Minecraft community's consistently stupendous creations will no longer be a continuing source of amazement to me. Not today though, because check this out! It's a functional basketball mini-game, complete with scoreboard and blocking mechanism. There's even victory fireworks.

Mojang detail Minecraft 1.5: The Redstone Update

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It may have been held in Disneyland Paris, but it seems that MineCon 2012 wasn't just a thinly veiled excuse for Mojang to spend a weekend on the Buzz Lightyear Laser Blaster. Minecraft's lead developer, Jens Bergensten, used the event to announce the upcoming 1.5 update. Titled The Redstone Update, it's part of a new plan to release more frequent patches that will each focus on a specific element in the game. First up is that magic red dust that clever people who aren't me can use to do amazing things.