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Neil Gaiman's puzzle-adventure Wayward Manor coming next month

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Wayward Manor, the puzzle/adventure game being created by Neil Gaiman and The Odd Gentlemen, was supposed to come out last fall. Obviously, it did not. But one year to the day after the game was revealed to the world, the studio has announced that the wait is almost over.

Neil Gaiman and The Odd Gentlemen join forces for the spooky Wayward Manor

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Neil Gaiman - of Sandman, Neverwhere and wearing black fame - is making a game. Not by himself, of course - he's teamed up with The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom/Flea Symphony devs The Odd Gentlemen. The result is Wayward Manor, a multi-part puzzle/adventure game where you play as a ghost trying to rid an old house of its living occupants. Gaiman cites classic films like Blithe Spirit as inspiration in his introductory video, but the premise reminds me of Capcom's excellent Gregory Horror Show, which sadly never made its way to PC. The first part's due this Autumn.

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom review

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“I hate what time-messing games do to me. Afterwards, for every real-world problem I encounter I expect to be able to slow things down, rewind and undo, or, using Winterbottom’s core device, create clones of myself to get past it. I’m not writing this, by the way. Craig #3 is.”