The Mandate

The Mandate trailer gives poetic poignancy to ship boarding combat

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Space RPG The Mandate had already deployed a full flotilla of trailers to escort its Kickstarter to completion. Now that the significant stack of funding has been safely transported home, we get to see something a bit different: a pre-production look at how the game's ship boarding combat will work, complete with troop placements, tactical decision making, and Rudyard Kipling.

The Mandate reaches Kickstarter goal, aims for stretch goals in final days of campaign

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If there's one thing we're learning about Kickstarter, it's that you should probably make your games about space. In fact, even if your game isn't about space, you should probably tell people it's set in space. It wouldn't even be a lie. Everywhere is set in space. The Mandate is definitely set in space, and as a result of that - and possibly also as a result of it being a cool looking Tsarist space opera RPG - it's successfully raised the desired goal of $500,000.

Space opera The Mandate releases new trailer featuring voice of Game of Thrones' Walder Frey

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When we last left space opera The Mandate, this ambitious indie game was burning through its Kickstarter campaign toward a half-million dollar funding goal. To help climb that summit, developer Perihelion Interactive has released a new trailer starring David Bradley as the grizzled high admiral.

The Mandate promises a space RPG adventure among the Tsars

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No! There can never be enough space games. After all, space is infinite, so there's plenty of room for them. Not like other overused game themes. I mean, zombies? How many rotting carcasses can you fit in the ground? Not infinite of them. Erm, I think this intro is getting away from me. Ah, space! Here's another game set there: The Mandate, which is being described as a "Tsarist space opera RPG" and is now seeking Kickstarter funding.

If that wasn't indie enough, its developers have also released Scourge of the Mandate, a free - and I'm going to tactfully sidestep copyright here - Adventure, Owned By Your Choices, Of Which You Will Choose, On Your Own. Phew, that was smoooooth.