The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online giving players double XP in advance of Helm's Deep launch

Tom Sykes at

Lord of the Rings Online's Helm's Deep expansion was announced back in April, but it still hasn't seen the light of day, something I'm going to blame on Boromir, the treacherous git. However, it seems to be on track now for a November release, with the month (that's this month) leading up to it bestowing all players with a very special gift. No, not a single lock of Galadriel's hair: double XP.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Helm's Deep announced

T.J. Hafer at

The Lord of the Rings Online has led us through Moria and Mirkwood, past Isengard, and across the plains of Eastern Rohan. But the question has remained throughout it all: "When do we get to see Helm's Deep?" Turbine has finally given us an answer: Fall 2013. Along with the famed fortress, we're also getting 10 new levels and a continuation of the game's storyline to include one of the most famous battles in Tolkien's legendarium.

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