The Longest Journey

Dreamfall Chapters becomes episodic, will take place over five parts

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Dreamfall Chapters news was heralded this morning by the arrival of a talking crow. As an homage to the series' most enduring sidekick, it landed on my monitor, announced that, "Dreamfall Chapters will now be an episodic adventure," and spent the next ten minutes flapping wildly, unable to find an open window. It was still less eventful than the time Ubisoft sent us Far Cry 3 press releases written on the side of a live tiger.

Dreamfall Chapters footage gives you thirty minutes of hard time

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I've never been one for the "adventure games are dead" argument, but blimey, there sure are a lot of them on the horizon. Thanks to Kickstarter and the gentle milking of nostalgia glands, we're not only getting new adventures from Double Fine and Revolution, but also the creators of The Longest Journey. Red Thread's Dreamfall Chapters is still in pre-alpha stage, meaning backers will have to use Other Game on PC for a while longer. To ease the wait, though, here's a half-hour walkthrough of the game's Friar's Keep prison escape.

Dreamfall Chapters gameplay footage is looking very pretty indeed

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The developers at Red Thread Games have a talent for crafting scummy futuristic places that you really, really want to visit. They did it with both The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, and they're reusing the classic formula again in Dreamfall Chapters. This latest gameplay footage of the Kickstarter-funded sequel shows off a sinister section of Prague. adventure game sale discounts Machinarium, Miasmata, To The Moon and more

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There are some good deals to be found in's 'Adventurers Assemble' sale, which combines ADVENTURE GAMES with 60% OFF to make a bunch of point-and-click titles cheaper for this weekend only. If you've been waiting for an opportunity to purchase the likes of Primordia, Resonance, Machinarium, the Blackwell series, tearjerker To The Moon, or island survival game Miasmata, then you've found it. The deal ends on Monday at 3:59AM GMT, so you only have... a number of hours left on the clock.

Dreamfall Chapters trailer released, additional stretch goals revealed

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In the final week of their Kickstarter campaign, Red Thread have released the first proper trailer for Dreamfall Chapters. It (re-)introduces everyone to the twin worlds of Stark and Arcadia, and also attempts to break the record for number of times a narrator says "dream", or some variation thereof, in a three minute period. It stops just short of chanting "dreamy dreaming dreamer dreams dreams."

Dreamfall Chapters prototype footage released, the longest stretch goals revealed

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Dreamfall Chapters' Kickstarter campaign is sailing towards completion, with over $787,000 of its $850,000 goal raised and 22 days still to go. With success all but assured, Red Thread have announced the first stretch goals for the adventure sequel. The team have also released early prototype footage of the game, showing an explorable location and their hybrid UI system.

Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey kickstarter wants your money

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"Man of Adventure," Ragnar Tørnquist and Red Thread Thread Games need 850,000 of your dollars to complete the Longest Journey saga. A Kickstarter launched earlier today for Dreamfall Chapters, and has already taken $149,476 in pledges.

Dreamfall Chapters will be a 3D adventure game that promises a "rich, detailed, interactive and living world that mixes a cyberpunk vision of the future with magical fantasy, along with a broken and decaying dreamworld." Expect many returning characters, recurring locations, and sweet release from the grip of Dreamfall's cliff-hanger ending.

Dreamfall Chapters announced, a follow up to The Longest Journey and Dreamfall

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Marvellous news for fans of Ragnar Tørnquist's Longest Journey series: there will be more of it! Ragnar teased the announcement on Twitter and it's been officially announced in a press release on the Funcom site. It sounds like it'll remain true to the original games. "#Dreamfall Chapters won’t be an online game," Tørnquist tweets. "It’s going to be a single-player PC/Mac adventure game through and through."

The Secret World creative director on the future of MMOs, feature creep and real-world puzzling

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A few weeks ago I got to speak to Ragnar Tørnquist at Funcom's offices in Montreal. He's the developer behind critically acclaimed adventure games The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, and now he's in charge of The Secret World - an real world MMO that's taking everything you thought you knew about the genre and throwing it out the window. It's shaping up to be something rather interesting. For more on The Secret World, read our hands-on preview, character preview, and PC Gamer US's interview.