The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine: Chapter 4 release date set for early August, after 21 month wait

Phil Savage at

An episodic release schedule overshooting its original target? Such a thing seems inconceivable in the always punctual world of gaming. But that's just what happened to The Dream Machine, the lovely looking claymation adventure from the less lovely sounding Cockroach Inc. They've just announced that Chapter 4 will resuscitate the series this August 1st, after a near-21 month gap from Chapter 3's release in November 2011. At least fans of this series got their Episode 3.

Into The Pixel 2011 collects incredible works of gaming art

Graham Smith at

Concept art is often beautiful, but even with a growing number of art books being bundled with collector's editions, it's just as often work that will never be seen by anyone outside of a game's development team. The Into The Pixel collection tries to change that. Organised by the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the Entertainment Software Association, each year it selects some of the best pieces of gaming art, whatever the reason for its creation.

The 17 new pieces to be displayed at this year's E3 have just been released, and I've posted the PC-relevant images below, including work from Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect, Dragon Age 2, Alien Swarm and the unreleased Drawn 3. So pretty.

January's best free PC games

Lewis Denby at

January is usually a slow month for the games industry. The festive rush has finished, and few publishers want to take a risk on unleashing their big game when there's no opportunity for someone to buy it as a present. Fortunately, those making games for no financial reimbursement - or, at least, games whose money-making prowess doesn't equate to the need to shift a full-priced boxed product - don't have this to worry about. Maybe that's why January has seen some of the best free games to grace the PC in ages. Read on for our picks...