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Darkness 2 developer making Warframe, a free to player co-op shooter

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Warframe! It's a name that calls to mind angry portraits battling together in a brutal yet artistic conflict. Sadly that isn't what the game is about. Warframe is actually a third person, free to play co-op shooter being made by the developers of the Darkness 2. On the plus side that means there's still time for me to trademark Art Shooter 2020: Da Vinci's Revenge.

The Darkness 2 review

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Four arms: it was so obvious. It must be galling for other shooter developers. They’ve spent decades since Doom trying to work out ways to innovate on the FPS model, to make shooting people feel fresh and interesting again. They’ve tried vast open worlds and they’ve tried hurling Hollywood-size production values at projects, but the Darkness II manages it by just giving anti-hero Jackie Estacado four arms.

Well. Technically he only has two arms. These are his normal limbs, functioning as arms do in games where arms are only necessary to hold guns and occasionally fire them at swarms of enemies. He also has two demonic snake-tentacles.

The Darkness 2 demo is out now

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Four arms are better than two when you're being assaulted by a city of gangsters. The Darkness 2 demo, now available on Steam, will gradually give you use of all your arms, just as soon as you've made it through the intro cutscenes, and the on-rails shooter bit, and a few more cutscenes. Thankfully the demo has been put together to give us an overview of some of Jackie's more powerful abilities, so it's worth persisting to get to the gorier bits. The pseudo-cell shaded look is a nice homage to The Darkness' comic book roots, too. Give it a whirl and let us know what you think. The Darkness 2 is out on February 7 in the US, and February 10 in Europe.

Darkness 2 demo dated

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A trial for The Darkness 2 is heading to Steam on January 24 after a week of Xbox Live exclusivity, according to a post on The Darkness 2 site. Hopefully it'll give us a generous chunk of time with Jackie and his demonic arm tentacles. In the first game they could throw cars about, or detach to become slithery spies capable of tearing enemies' hearts from the shadows. It looks as though The Darkness 2 will be at least as gruesome as the original, but will wielding Jackie's Darkness powers be quite as satisfying?

We'll all get to find out in a couple of weeks. Hooray for demos! If you're already certain you'll like it, you can pre-order The Darkness 2 to get 10% off.

Darkness 2 trailer's evil arms harm armed goons

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The latest Darkness 2 trailer shows more clearly the slightly cel shaded, comic-book aesthetic Digital Extremes are adopting for the sequel. The Starbreeze adaptation of the comic series was almost monochromatic, and Jackie's demonic arm powers needed darkness to recharge. In the trailer above he's marching through well lit areas with snakey whacking arms on full show, which suggests we won't have to take as much care and planning to get past all of those gangsters, seemingly quite happy to get into a fight with a demonic enemy wielding four arms and two guns. That's the trouble with goons. They never know when to run.

The Darkness 2 trailer tells the story so far, features horrible evil arm assassination

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The new trailer for the Darkness 2, spotted on Blue's News, gives us a full recap of the horrible things that happened to Jackie over the course of the first game, which is nice, because the first game didn't come out on PC. It's your classic happy go lucky boy meets supernatural entity tale, really. Boy meets evil entity, boy is possessed by supernatural entity, grows evil arms, goes on rampage to avenge girlfriend and lives happily ever after. It looks as though the sequel will be even more violent than the first game, and will let us dual wield machine-guns and demonic arms. It's due out next February.

The Darkness 2 trailer contains violence and symbolism

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A new trailer for the Darkness 2 starts by showing the protagonist Jackie getting his hand nailed into a plank in a way that reminds me of something, I'm just not sure what. The real question though is whether there'll be anything as memorable to sitting down and watching the entirety of To Kill a Mockingbird with your girlfriend (as featured in the first game).

The Darkness 2 is due in October.

And in other PC gaming news...

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Murlocs in Space! Or perhaps not. Bungie announcing that their next game will be an MMO doesn't come as a surprise, but it'll be interesting to see if they will become as iconic in the MMO space as they have been within the FPS circles.

The other huge story of the day, of course, has been Tim's look at the latest Unreal tech; which looks fabulous. Take a look at those screenshots and be pleased that you're a PC gamer, because this stuff is going to be on PC a whole load sooner than console. You can see some grainy footage of it in action with shaky-cam-vision here.

But of course, GDC isn't the only thing happening this week. The wheels keep turning, and the news keeps flowing. You need your daily fix of short, sharp news, and we're going to give it to you. Get it all after the jump.

The Darkness 2 announced for Autumn

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The Darkness was a first person shooter from Starbreeze, developers of the excellent Chronicles of Riddick. You played a possessed mobster called Jackie on a quest for revenge, aided by a pair of demonic tentacles. These toothy chaps could be detached and used as scouts, or used to flip cars and eat the hearts out of enemies. The darkest thing about the Darkness was that it was only released on consoles. Thankfully, a sequel has been announced, and it will be coming to PC.