The Crew

MMO racer The Crew speeds past delay, coming this fall

Ian Birnbaum at

Ubisoft ripped back the curtain on The Crew today, showing off gameplay from the multiplayer racing game for the first time. Billed as an MMO for racing fans, The Crew lets you and friends get together for illegal street races and other such high-speed shenanigans across a photorealistic, open-world representation of the continental United States.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rayman Legends miss sales targets

Perry Vandell at

Ubisoft has confirmed that Splinter Cell: Blacklist and Rayman: Legends didn’t hit their undisclosed sales targets in a conference call held earlier today.

The Crew trailer takes you on a drive-through of its social events

Phil Savage at

I love the gap that exists between the aspiration of Ubisoft's The Crew and the reality of their demos. Even just the name: "The Crew" would suggest a game that wants to be trendy, and cool, and down with some quite possibly fictional demographic. So what are the names of the people this walkthrough trailer focuses on? Fergus, Paul, and Sly. I'm just saying, you wouldn't pay to see that boy-band.

Best E3 trailers of 2013

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This year's conference has been the best in years. We've seen lots of footage of announced games, and almost as much of until-now unannounced ones. Check our list to keep up with the best PC games of E3 2013, discover six reasons why the PC is winning the show and read our take on the press conference that PC gamers deserve for an overview of all that's gone on in the last few action-packed days in PC land.

To boot, we've also pulled all of the best videos of the show into one place so you can absorb moving images of the finest games on the show floor this year and decide which ones look most promising. Make a nice hot drink and enjoy the best that the show has to offer.