The Cat that Got the Milk

The Button Affair - Canabalt recast as a crime caper

Phil Savage at

The Button Affair is a 2D sprint platformer from the developers of The Cat that Got the Milk. Basically it's a bit like Canabalt, but with three buttons, making it three times as complicated. Here you must run, jump and roll to avoid all manner of deadly traps between you and the heist of the century. It also oozes style, with lead character Enzo Gabriel's criminal escapades and daring escapes displayed in a muted, minimalist way that heavily invokes the suave ideal of 60s and 70s films.

This week's best free PC games

Lewis Denby at

It's the unsettling, frozen warzone of The Snowfield that's had me most intrigued this week: an experimental indie game that plays with original ideas in narrative design is always worth a few paragraphs of rambling in my book. But there are three other freebies of exemplary quality. The Cat That Got The Milk is a delightfully chaotic two-button title, and the wonderfully named Eunaborb is an intriguing take on crazy golf. Elsewhere, The Fourth Wall takes a single clever game mechanic and runs with it, in exactly the right direction. Read on for my thoughts on these lovely free games.