Court declares Tetris clone a breach of copyright, big implications for derivative games

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The US District Court of New Jersey has ruled that Tetris-like game Mino infringes Tetris Holding's copyright, Sunstein Law reports (via Marsh Davies). It's a decision that'll have a big knock-on effect for all games that are functionally similar or identical to already successful games.

Previously, developers have struggled to prove that the mechanics of a game can be protected under copyright, since 'ideas' themselves cannot. That's led to an incredibly clone-happy culture, in which virtually every successful game has any number of rip-offs on Flash portals or the iOS App Store.

But this case delved deep into the mechanics of Tetris to sort out what qualified as the 'idea' of the game, and what elements were specific to Tetris' particular 'expression' of it. Copying the idea is fine - copying the expression is not.

10 amazing Kinect PC hacks

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Microsoft have recently dropped hints that they might be planning to officially bring the Kinect to PC. If they do, they'll be hard pushed to improve on some of the user made applications that have been appearing since the Kinect was successfully hacked. We've gathered together some of the best below, including a program that turns you into a superhero, another that lets you play Call of Duty: Modern Warfrare with your body, an 80's synth pop music video creation tool, and more.