The Elder Scrolls Online to get first content update later this month

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Have you finished The Elder Scrolls Online yet? No!? Seriously, what's taking you so long? For most people, the announcement of new content for a massively massively MMO probably won't have much impact. But, for those who are on a mad dash to the end, Zenimax Online have announced that a new zone will be introduced at the end of the month. Called Craglorn, it'll be the game's first adventure zone, and is dedicated to group questing.

The Elder Scrolls Online guide — 10 essential tips for your first character

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The Elder Scrolls Online will feel familiar to both Elder Scrolls and MMO players, but not wholly—character building, for instance, uses a system adapted from both games. These tips will set you on a prosperous journey from level one to 10, with little time wasted and a character build you can be proud of.

The Elder Scrolls Online screenshots: maxed settings at 7680x1440 on LPC

Cory Banks at

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently live for those who preordered, and what better way to celebrate than with ridiculous screenshots from the Large Pixel Collider? We took a trip through Tamriel that spanned three 1440p monitors, using the LPC's four Nvidia GTX Titans to take some gorgeous panorama shots from the game. Here are some of our favorites.

PC Gamer Podcast #371 - Roll for Headshot

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Evan surprises the group with a game of tabletop Counter-Strike—can the crack team of podcasting terrorists successfully plant the bomb, or will they all roll 1s and throw their guns at the other team? The shocking conclusion to Table Offensive is followed up with some critical talk about two giant MMOs, starting with The Elder Scrolls Online, which Cory and Evan spent the weekend with, followed by EverQuest Next Landmark, which is Tyler's first MMO obsession since the original EverQuest, despite being nothing like it. Later, Wes gives us his take on The Wolf Among Us Episode Two and the group discusses episodic storytelling games, and everyone wants to play Jazzpunk.