Last call for the Steam Summer Camp Sale. Shoot, build, and grind for cheap

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The recent Steam Summer Camp Sale has brought new achievements and in-game rewards, along with a bumper selection of cheap games. Today is "Encore Day!" Unless Valve go for a stadium-satisfying multi-encore finish, it's your final chance to download a bargain. All the games are picked from the week's top sellers.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 for £4.99/$7.50, Terraria for £2.99/$4.99 and Magicka for £2.71/$3.39? Yes please. Click through for more details of today's deals.

Terraria beginner's guide

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Terraria can randomly generate a huge world in a few seconds and fill it with dungeons, monsters, chests, underground jungles, flying islands and boss monsters. You can burrow or fly to every corner of the map, slaying enemies, looking chests and mining precious ore. You can craft powerful items, build a palace and become incredibly rich. Eventually.

When you're first dropped into the middle of your world, it can all be a bit overwhelming, and with just only a cryptic NPC as a guide, it can take a while to see what Terraria has to offer. We've put together this beginner's guide to help you survive your first nights in your new world. Read on for advice on mining, crafting and building your first home.

The 5 best Terraria mods

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Terraria hasn't been out long, but if our servers are any indication it's incredibly popular. We've rounded up the best early mods for the builder/explorer/platformer sandbox. You'll almost definitely want to check out some of these.

Terraria update trailer shows anti-gravity boots and Hellfire Arrows

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He's walking on the ceiling! He's got an extendable magic staff! His bow shoots bombs! Demilogic have released a video showing off some of the new items that will land with the upcoming 1.0.5 update for Terraria, and they are fantastic. As well as the obviously brilliant boots, and the all-destroying Hellfire Arrows, there's a more subtle effect that seems to highlight ore that would ordinarily be hidden in darkness - this could be something to do with the alchemy mentioned in the video title.

In a recent forum post, developers Re-Logic revealed that they would be adding potions in the next update, along with new potions and an improved Guide to help newcomers settle into Terraria's world a little easier. There's no release date for the patch yet.

Terraria sells 432,000 in one month, hardcore mode revealed

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It's Friday afternoon, statistically the best time of the week to discover shocking new statistics. Today we learn that the 2D mining and exploration game, Terraria, released just a month ago, has sold more than 432,000 copies.

Don't pick your jaw up just yet. Terraria has been in the top ten most played list on Steam for 32 days of the last month. Between 14-32 thousand people play it every day, the game's two trailers have amassed almost two million hits between them.

PC Gamer Terraria servers now live!

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We have a brand new PC Gamer Terraria server! After lengthy debate, we decided to call it the "PCGamerraria" Join us at Port:8477 and help us find all the floating islands and underground jungles. Help us dig a hole to the bottom of the world, and build towers to the very top. Help us raid the dungeon at the end of the word and, most importantly of all help us finally kill that goddamn Guide NPC once and for all.

UPDATE: Thanks to extreme demand and a goblin invasion, we have created two bonus servers. Click through for all the details you need.

Terraria review

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Terraria starts like a less satisfying version of Minecraft, squashed into a 2D platformer. It ends as a terrific exploration game, packed with places to discover. Floating islands, festering Corrupted Lands and huge multi-level dungeons guarded by boss monsters are just a few things you can unearth once you’ve crafted yourself a pair of pants sturdy enough to survive this world.

Terraria patch adds new creatures, items and costumes

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An enormous Terraria update has arrived, adding dozens of new enemies and items to the game. Corrupt Bunnies and Corrupt Goldfish join the hordes of creatures inhabiting Terraria's randomly generated 2D worlds, and new rare enemies like "Dr. Bones" and "The Groom" will stand between you and a series of new 'Vanity Items'. These will let you change your appearance without negating the stat bonuses of the armour you're wearing. Costume pieces include a top hat, a ninja outfit, a tuxedo and more. The new Clothier NPC will move in once "conditions are met" to sell some of the new items, including a very familiar plumber's outfit.

On top of all that, The Eater of Worlds is now tougher than ever. Nyooo! Get the full patch notes below.

Terraria launch a huge success

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Yesterday we mentioned the launch of a little-known game called Terraria. It appeared on Steam with no marketing campaign, and no real build up beyond a link on Twitter from Minecraft creator notch. Right now, it's the sixth most played game on Steam, ahead of Portal 2 and Team Fortress 2, and is the second best selling game on Steam, lingering just behind The Witcher 2.

2D Minecraft-alike Terraria is out today

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Terraria's destructible, two-dimensional worlds may remind you a little of Minecraft. In fact, anyone following Minecraft creator Notch on Twitter will be familiar with the trailer above, which shows the game's frenetic multiplayer mode in action.

Terraria challenges you to survive in a randomly generated, destructible world full of monsters and treasure. Like Minecraft, players craft new items and build structures to help them survive, and the best materials for tools can be found deep in the mines beneath the surface. Each randomly generated world can be explored with as many friends as the server you're on can handle. Where it differs from Minecraft is in the depth of items and monsters, from ravenous eyes of Cthulhu to jetpacks and laser rifles.

The developers have plenty of post-release support planned for the game, with extra player vs. player modes and pets currently in the works. Terraria is coming out on Steam later today for $9.99. For more on the game, check out the Terraria site.