TERA Online

TERA going free-to-play in Europe and North America

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It's tempting to see a new year as a fresh start. New trends, new possibilities, new problems. But no, while the number at the end of our arbitrary calendar may have increased one, cars still don't hover, evil robots still aren't waging war against humanity, and struggling subscription MMOs still seek a fresh start by re-launching as free-to-play. That's exactly what's happening with Tera, last year's combat-heavy fantasy MMO.

Exclusive TERA footage illuminates the Dark Cathedral

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Every day is better when you've seen an adorable panda shooting a bow and arrow at a gargantuan monster. Well, technically, it's a Popori, but you get what I mean. Check out this exclusive footage of the new Dark Cathedral dungeon, coming soon to the Korean-import MMO TERA. Whether or not you're a fan of the MMO genre, the visuals on display here are UNDENIABLY gorgeous. This quick playthrough of the instance gives you a look at all the bosses you'll have to down if you want that phat loot, as well as the ominous interior of the once-pure cathedral. If only more games could incorporate low-cut dresses, killer pandas, and dudes smacking around skeletons with two-handed cleavers, the world would be a better place.

First look at TERA's achievements

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TERA is a new MMO that hopes to replace traditional taskbar and cooldown combat systems with more fast paced fighting. The eight classes are designed to be able to work together in small groups that will be able to take down hordes and boss monsters with careful teamwork and some quick reflexes.

Frogster have sent us the first details on TERA's achievement system, which will reward players for their in-game accomplishments with special titles. Some titles will be so rare that only a few people in the whole world will be able to hold them. Read on for a list of some of the new achievements, and a developer walkthrough video showing some of TERA's combat and classes.

TERA Online video boasts action combat

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The team at Bluehole Studios (yes, they call themselves Bluehole) sent over their compilation video of TERA footage shot during closed-door demos at E3. In addition to being "the first true action-MMO" thanks to its what-you-see-is-what-you-get combat system (as opposed to dice rolls determining hits and misses) this may be the only MMO that features both slutty elves and adorable panda warriors.