Teleglitch DLC brings music and new weapons to the survival horror shooter

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Indie roguelike shooter Teleglitch: Die More Edition's new Guns and Tunes DLC tells you exactly what it is: "Music to kill by and weapons to make it happen." And for only $2, it's probably a reasonable investment in a game where death is permanent, levels are random, and every pixel works to promote anxiety and paranoia.

Teleglitch gets even more murderous today with the Die More Edition

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Teleglitch has had it in for the human race ever since we neglected to hold a lift door open when Teleglitch was late for an important meeting. You can understand why the sci-fi horror roguelike is trying to kill us all then, and why developers Johann Tael, Mihkel Tael and Edvin Aedma have just re-released the game in even more deadly form, via new publishers Paradox. Out today, the Die More Edition adds "more weapons, more levels and more stress" - the perfect antidote to this sickeningly chilled-out summer.

Teleglitch to get "Die More Edition" upgrade and re-release

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Die More Edition? Not likely, guys. There's almost no conceivable way to create a version of top-down indie roguelike horror Teleglitch in which I could die more than I already do. Unless this upgraded re-release packs in death so densely that it warps time around it into a constant nightmare of unending, overlapping demise... Wait, hold on. It's got new levels, items and a more ruthless AI? Okay, that makes more sense.

Teleglitch review

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In Teleglitch, you’re never safe. Your assessment of your performance will change in an instant. “I’m doing brilliantly! Health, weapons, ammo, armour, a large tube...” You enter a room.

Zombies swarm out of pipes. You back away, firing, attracting the attention of a hulking armoured robo-beast. Suddenly, you have barely any health, a couple of pistol rounds, a large tube.

This is level three. Of ten.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 84 - Nuclear Idiot

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This week, Chris and Toms Senior and Francis talk Teleglitch, SimCity, Crysis 3 multiplayer and more. Includes our thoughts on the troubles at Gas Powered Games, Jon Blow's next game, and your
questions from Twitter.

Teleglitch: a shooty real-time roguelike with crafting, Science

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If you've room in your life for another sci-firoguelike, then you might want to give Teleglitch a look. It's a top-down real-time roguelike shooter that reminds me of Alien Breed, and those are some words that look very good together indeed.

This week's best free PC games

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Time for a trip back in time with this week's best free PC games. In the days before Halo, Bungie made a different series of FPS games. The Marathon Trilogy has been available for free for a while now, but only this week has this carefully constructed update hit version 1.0. Elsewhere, top-down shooters, action-platformers, and music-rhythm-action-blast-'em-ups. Read on for this week's picks...