April's best free PC games

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You know what? It's been a hell of a month for free games. Normally, when planning this column, I've to scour the internet high and low to locate some hidden gems. This month, they've been coming out of the walls, man! Special mentions should go to Picaroon, Space Engine and Pragmatica, all of which are worth a look, but read below the jump to find out which titles I've ended up loving the most.

December's best free PC games

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I've just taken down my Christmas tree. This means that the festive period is officially over. I've eaten turkeys and pigs, and turkeys wrapped in pigs, and pigs wrapped in pigs. I hope there aren't any pigs reading.

What this all means is that I'm sitting here feeling like I should do some exercise. And what better way to exercise than jabbing my fingers at a keyboard while playing some of December's best free games? Here are the five notable ones I've played in the last month.

October's best free PC games

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You know what time of year it is, right? It's almost Halloween. That means it's almost time for those snotty-nosed little blighters to turn up on our doorsteps, identities disguised, demanding confectionery in exchange for not being squirted in the eye with a water pistol, or something. I think we all know what we need to do: close the curtains, disconnect the doorbell, and settle down to have a blast on the best free games October's had to offer.