Shackleton Crater takes turn-based strategy to an accurately mapped moon

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Kickstarter games continue to profit from our collective nostalgia, but the funding platform also represents fairly fertile territory for experimental concepts, like a game that considers humanity's possible future among the stars. Shackleton Crater is a mixture of survival and turn-based strategy from former EA co-founder Joseph Ybarra and a small team. It covers a century of lunar exploration and colonization, drawing inspiration from some of Ybarra's earliest published works during EA's innocent 1980s beginnings.

Civilization 4 designer joins Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes team

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Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes, in development by Stardock, seeks to continue the territory tussles and sword-and-spell battles of Elemental: Fallen Enchantress. Its predecessor, Elemental: War of Magic, was repackaged into Enchantress after poor reviews in 2010. The latest talent brought onto the team may help keep the quality high: in a forum post, CEO Brad Wardell announced the addition of former Civilization 4 lead designer Soren Johnson to Stardock.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown system specs, Steam pre-purchase rewards detailed

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Today, 2K Games revealed XCOM: Enemy Unknown's system specs and a peculiarly designed pre-order deal on Steam. All of the pre-order rewards, which include a free copy of Civilization V, are not guaranteed: in a post yesterday, 2K said three tiers of incentives unlock as more pre-orders roll in, with purchasers receiving the accrued spoils on XCOM's October 9 release.

Elemental: War of Magic review

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I need 1,300 gold immediately. The latest bit of military research I’ve unlocked lets me make teams of things, and one of the things I can make teams of is my killer hell dogs from hell. This gives the resulting unit six times their enormous health, six times their enormous damage, and for reasons that aren’t really clear to me, six times their enormous armour rating. So even though it’s just six hell dogs from hell standing next to each other, they take 36 times as long to kill. 1,300 is a lot of gold – or Gildar as it’s pointlessly renamed in Elemental – but for 36 hell dogs from hell, it’s a steal.

Might & Magic Heroes VI trailer

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Might and Magic Heroes VI is a turn based strategy set 400 years before the previous installment. Ubisoft have winged a trailer at us - no word yet on what sort of DRM it'll have, though. Oh, don't worry about it. Have some dead kings, violins, and big mad burny-winged women crying golden tears to cheer you up. Screens are below too.

Elemental: War of Magic will have the best DRM

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Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, recently told PC Gamer what sort of DRM he has planned for his upcoming turn based strategy-cum-RPG Elemental: War of Magic. His plan is simple: "What I think would be helpful against piracy is if you actually gave users stuff." The limited edition boxed set of the game will be full of undownloadable trinkets.

Play your Civ 4 maps in Civ 5

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You know what was cool about Left 4 Dead 2? You could play Left 4 Dead maps with it (you could also play it while still boycotting it, which was convenient). Turns out, that's also what's cool about Civilization 5 - all those maps of Faerun you were working on will import right into Firaxis' upcoming turn based megalomania sim.