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World of Tanks 8.0 screenshots show updated graphics and Soviet tank destroyers

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No less than 23 screenshots of the upcoming 8.0 update for World of Tanks have popped up on the Overlord blog showing Russian Tank destroyers "SU-100М1, Uralmash, SU-122-54, and Object 263 on various maps." The screens also show off the extra layer of visual polish promised by the World of Tanks 8.0 trailer a few weeks back. Sadly, the one thing they can't show is the new physics system which will allow tanks to conquer steep slopes, and finally let us ram artillery of their clifftop perches. Revenge will be sweet.

World of Tanks update adds new maps and tank stealth

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World of Tanks update 7.0 has arrived, bringing two new maps and a camouflage system that will let tanks blend into their surroundings better, with different paint jobs for different battlefields. "camouflage will provide enhanced invisibility and add more to the strategic element of tank combat" reads the official description. Don't believe the official description? Check out the picture above. You might not believe it, but there's actually a tank cunningly hidden somewhere in that image. Spooky, I know.

World of Tanks patch 6.6 adds new tanks, new map, improves matchmaking

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A massive World of Tanks update has just landed, adding the Siegfriend Line map and a host of new heavy armour, including the Pz.VI Tiger, the VK 4502, the Asuf A and much more, including a couple of premium German tanks, the T-15 and the T-25. All those letters and numbers add up to a substantial reshuffle of the German tank unlock tree. You can see Wargaming.net's overview of the reshuffle in this forum post.

World of Tanks is free to play. You can sign up and download the client from the World of Tanks site. The full patch notes have been posted below.