Tank Power

World of Tanks rolls over 40 million registered users milestone

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World of Tanks is doing rather well. Wargaming.net say that they've recorded more than 500,000 concurrent players online in Russia as registration numbers pass the 40 million mark. Players have been pouring into servers to check out the big 8.0 update, which overhauled WoT's visuals and added proper physics. Tanks can now barge each other off cliffs, into rivers or into other tanks' line of fire. It's tank sumo out there right now.

World of Tanks trailer heralds incoming 7.0 update

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Update 7.0 is currently camping out on the World of Tanks test servers, waiting for its moment to explode from its camouflage net and frolic in the wide open fields of the public servers. It'll bring new maps, including FJORDS (thunderclap), and add tank camouflage and clan tags. There's still no release date, but Wargaming.net also promise some "tanksgiving" XP bonuses over the next few days. Keep an eye on the World of Tanks website for details.

Battlefield 3 vehicles detailed: more unlocks, regenerating health, flaming tanks

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A new post on the Battlefield blog details Battlefield 3's vehicle classes and customisation options. There will be "over 80 unlockable specialization upgrades" across all vehicle classes. Each vehicle, whether it's a ground tank, an infantry transport, a chopper or a jet, will have three unlock slots, one for secondary weapons, one for gadgets and one for more general upgrades. Kills and experience earned when driving or piloting a vehicle will unlock more upgrades. DICE say we can expect to see a similar level of customisation to Battlefield 3's weapons, which they detailed in a blog post last week.

Beyond the new levels of customisation, some significant changes have been made to the way vehicles take damage. Lightly bruised vehicles will now recover over time, providing you don't take more damage as the vehicle is healing. Beyond a certain level of damage, war machines won't recover health at all. DICE say this is to give non-engineer drivers and pilots a better chance of survival in the heat of battle.

World of Tanks patch 6.6 adds new tanks, new map, improves matchmaking

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A massive World of Tanks update has just landed, adding the Siegfriend Line map and a host of new heavy armour, including the Pz.VI Tiger, the VK 4502, the Asuf A and much more, including a couple of premium German tanks, the T-15 and the T-25. All those letters and numbers add up to a substantial reshuffle of the German tank unlock tree. You can see Wargaming.net's overview of the reshuffle in this forum post.

World of Tanks is free to play. You can sign up and download the client from the World of Tanks site. The full patch notes have been posted below.