Tangiers trailer teases the strangest stealth you've ever seen

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The new trailer for Tangiers, the surreal stealth game that was successfully Kickstarted last summer, uses alpha footage and is thus liable to change, so the disclaimer states. I hope it doesn't change too much; I have no idea what's going on here, but whatever it is, I really want to play it.

New Tangiers screenshots show off gorgeous, DADAist world

Ian Birnbaum at

Tangiers is one of the most bizarre, interesting looking games to come along in ages, and new screenshots show that strangeness is turned right up to 11 and stapled there. Inspired by DADAist art, Tangiers revels in the off-the-wall weirdness of its environments—and after years of gray/brown military shooters, the truly strange and beautiful is quite a breath of fresh air.

Tangiers Kickstarter funded, first stretch goal reached

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The rather peculiar stealth game known as Tangiers has finally cast away the shadows and is basking in the warm glow of being officially backed. Or maybe it ventured deeper into the shadows. That's what stealth games do, right?

Tangiers gets new details along with Kickstarter

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I’ve seen a lot of stealth games during my time on Earth, but nothing has looked quite as striking as Tangiers, a “dark 20th-century avant-garde stealth game” where words are your weapons and shadows are your protection. We caught a glimpse of the surrealist, open world game a couple months ago, but Tangiers’ new Kickstarter page has illuminated some additional details for us to examine.

Surrealist stealth game Tangiers will let you collect conversations, hurl them at enemies

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I don't know where Tangiers has been hiding, but I'm glad it's finally emerged from the shadows of its stark industrial environment to show off its first teaser trailer, because it's a doozy. Inspired by literature (William Burroughs, JG Ballard), art (the DADA movement) and music (Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire) as much as Thief, Andalusian Games' abstract, surrealist stealth game has the artistic ambition to match its beautiful fractured world. According to the Facebook page, that world will literally change depending on how you play - "play disruptively and the world fractures, deforms". You will also be able to acquire "discarded conversations, hurling worlds down the street to distract your enemies, to give you a split second to slip past." I've hurled some words, and that trailer, beneath the break.