Take On Mars

Take On Mars: Expedition One launches, ready to put humans on the Red Planet

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You will never step foot on Mars. Let that slightly depressing feeling that you were born in the wrong time sink in. Now cheer up and take comfort that you at least have the technology to play pretend in a videogame. Bohemia Interactive has released the first portion of its manned mission content for Take On Mars for current Early Access players.

Take On Mars update to add manned mission endgame

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Bohemia Interactive’s Take On Mars already lets you pilot various Rovers and Landers on the red planet in its Early Access form. It's next big content update, however, will go one step further, challenging you to put a person on Mars. Well, a videogame simulation person, at least.

Take On Mars update takes on Deimos, new weather, and dynamic missions

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The problem with writing about Take On Mars is that, at some point, I will get that song stuck in my head. This is the curse of being born in the '80s. It's particularly annoying in this instance, because the update doesn't take place on the red planet, but its moon, Deimos, as well as some surrounding asteroids. We'll never know if "Take On Deimos" would prove less ear-worm inducing, but hopefully its trailer's electro-beeps can dispel the New Wave spectre.

Take On Mars update adding Steam Workshop support, future plans include new environments

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Bohemia have announced that they're launching a "major update" to Take On Mars later today, which will add Steam Workshop support to the sciency sim. With Workshop integration, players will be able to share new scenarios, and make use of new terrain and models. So if you've been put out by the game's flagrant disregard for a particular pattern of brown rock or dust, you've now got the opportunity to take matters into your own hands.

Take On Mars lands on Steam Early Access

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Bohemia Interactive didn't hang about with their vehicular simming series. First helicopters, now Mars. That's quite an escalation. If the scientific exploration of an entire planet is ambitious, they're at least co-opting help from the community. The game has just appeared on Steam Early Access, giving you the chance to jump into an alpha build of the game.

Take On Mars trailer reveals first game footage; Early Access release date announced

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I must admit, in all the excitement, noise and hot tablet integration of E3, I completely missed Bohemia's Take On Mars. Consequently I'd just assumed its title was a direct challenge, and we'd finally get to punch that smug red jerk right in the crater. Amazingly, that's not the case. Instead, we're being giving the chance to sim around its surface in mobile Rovers and stationary Landers, completing scientific objectives. In fairness, that sounds even better.

Bohemia Interactive goes where few sims have gone before with Take On Mars

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