Star Wars: The Old Republic 'Galactic Strongholds' player housing detailed

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Announced back in March, the SW:TOR Galactic Strongholds expansion will introduce player housing to the space opera MMO. While the expansion's Early Access was recently delayed until August, a new BioWare update provides some nitty-gritty on how the free expansion will work and all the fancy things you'll be able to do with your virtual digs.

SWTOR's Galactic Starfighter expansion to remain PvP only for foreseeable future

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Star Wars: The Old Repuclic's free Galactic Starfighter expansion is bringing PvP space dogfighting to the sci-fi MMO on either December, January or February, depending on how much BioWare love you. Fans hoping for a PvE variant will have longer to wait. That's "longer" as in, between a very, very long time away, and the full heat death of the universe.

What to expect in Star Wars: The Old Republic 2.4

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I first thought that the "cantina tour" was an overhyped parading of the BioWare lunch hall's lukewarm mac 'n' cheese, but apparently, it's actually a regular-ish event that gives fans a glimpse at the next things in store for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Who knew? The latest stop on the cantina tour was at Gamescom, and USB drives handed out there contained a shedload of concept art for the upcoming patch 2.4; we've got a tantalizing taste of future mounts, planets, and more.

Star Wars: The Old Republic hints at its other next content update

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SWTOR has been racing all over the place, trying to wedge in event weeks and hapless ewoks wherever it can. August 6 is the targeted release date for patch 2.3, which sees in a new story arc—but BioWare is already looking beyond, today revealing that update 2.4 is already on the way for an estimated beginning-of-October debut, and that it's "shaping up to be very big" indeed.

Star Wars: The Old Republic offers double XP weekends, first of three starts now

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The first of three consecutive double XP weekends in Star Wars: The Old Republic begins today, giving you a chance to take a risk on an outlandish new character build or burn through some new levels with an old favorite in the MMORPG. XP being the precious mana of nearly any online multiplayer game, we're always on the lookout for ways to get more of it.

SWTOR's average monthly revenue has doubled since going F2P

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It's been a tough journey for Star Wars: The Old Republic, with its popularity seemingly pingponging all over the place through its transition from subscription to free-to-play. But is free-to-play really a sustainable thing? Just how well has the MMO been doing? In an earnings call this week, EA president Frank Gibeau says that things are just dandy, thank you very much. Why, things are more than double the dandy, because that's how much revenue's gone up since the conversion.

New log-in procedure will increase security for Star Wars: The Old Republic

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The Old Republic consolidates all players to high-population servers

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Recently, Star Wars: The Old Republic opened up free server transfers from all of its realms to a handful of higher-population ones, hoping to consolidate the player base. As of today, the transfers are no longer optional. Every character in the game has been moved to one of the higher-population destination servers, though the dev post gives assurance that no characters will be deleted.

Our five favorite MMO meet-ups

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I spent hundreds of hours with my guildmates last year, chatting online while downing dragons, super-villains, and other big bads. But every now and then, it’s good for a team’s morale to drop the daggers, get out of the house, and just hang out with each other.

More and more MMOs are hosting annual conventions to help their players do just that. But it’s not just the games that make each convention different — the theme, style, and length all vary as well. We've attended and rated the biggest of them inside...

The Old Republic Patch 1.3 live with group finder, ranked warzones, new Legacy goodies

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Just a touch over six months after launch, Star Wars: the Old Republic has rolled out its third “major” content patch. Notably absent from 1.3 are a lot of the big things players would expect from a .1 update, such as new endgame Flashpoint or Operation content, a new Warzone, or even new story missions. 1.3 instead seems to focus on broad quality of life and systems changes, of which there are plenty. The long sought Group Finder is in, as well as a Ranked Warzones system and an overhaul to how Augmentation works. Read on for more details!

BioWare gives TOR players free game time and cuddly pets, alongside 17,000-word patch

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The Old Republic's long-awaited patch 1.2 is here, bringing with it all sorts of new in-game goodies for players to tinker with. But BioWare's taking out all the stops to make sure that gamers stick around, including giving every active account with a level 50 player 30 days of free game time and a cute tauntaun pet and offering players that've left 7 days of free game time to try out the new features in patch 1.2

Five things you need to know about The Old Republic's future

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BioWare released a ton of information about their upcoming plans for The Old Republic at this week's Guild Summit. I tweeted a lot of the announcements as they came out, BioWare livestreamed the panels to everyone, and some of the hardcore fansites captured every tiny detail in thousands and thousands of words.

But for those of you that didn't watch the livestream or don't want to dig through piles of tiny changes to find the big ones that really matter, I’m going to tell you the five big take-aways from the Guild Summit that might change your opinion of the game.

The Old Republic chart shows you the path to 50, every planet and Flashpoint included

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Today is a day of maps, apparently. OldRepublic.net just released an awesome galaxy guide that maps out the suggested path to progress through all of The Old Republic's Flashpoints and planets.

It looks like I've already missed two Flashpoints on my new Sniper—whoops! Well, at least I shouldn't have a problem beating them now that I'm 10 levels higher than the enemies there. I'll be keeping this guide handy as I continue leveling up this weekend, and you can use it to avoid my same foolish mistakes.

The Old Republic is "the fastest growing subscription MMO in history," has 1.7 million subscribers

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EA just held their quarterly earnings call and released some juicy factoids about TOR's launch during it. Specifically, over 2 million copies of the game has been sold and 85% of players have subscribed or are still in their trial period (for a total of 1.7 million "active subscribers"). And those gamers are getting their money's worth: the average session time in the first month was FOUR HOURS, and over 1 million players were logged in simultaneously at one point.

In the Q&A portion, EA addressed concerns about the game's profitability by saying, "At 500,000 subscribers, we'd break even. At a million, we'd be making a profit but nothing worth writing home about. As it scales up from there, we're talking about a nice profit. At this point with the successful launch, we can take the worst case scenarios off the table."

You can read more long-form quotes here.

BioWare invites guild leaders to The Old Republic summit

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Leading a guild can be one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges in any MMO, but rarely is the ability to discuss the state-of-the-game with the developers one of those rewards. In The Old Republic it is. BioWare wants to know exactly how these community leaders feel about Star Wars: The Old Republic, so they're inviting guild leaders from all over the world to join them in Austin, Texas for a chance to go over the MMO's progress and its future. Finally, you could have an opportunity to tell the game makers why your Sith Empire needs tea-bagging emotes in PvP.

New Old Republic trailer hints at expanded race options via the Legacy System

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A few days ago, Bioware released a new teaser trailer that mostly taunted us with information we've already heard. Guildbanks? Yup. Warzones? Mmmhmm. Scaling UI? It's about time.

What we didn't expect was to see a Miraluka Sith Warrior opening a can of whoop-ass on some rusty droids. The Miraluka are a blind species who see the world through the Force, and are currently only available to Republic characters, but this particular Miraluka is dressed up like a Sith Warrior, an Empire-specific class. Could this mean that new class/race combinations are on the way?

Disturbance in the Force: SWTOR patch 1.1 draws fire for PVP exploit

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MMOs are lumbering, unwieldy beasts, and it's not uncommon for rather large bugs to hitch a ride on their underbellies - even after delays. Such is the case with SWTOR's first major patch, Rise of the Rakghouls. The Rakghouls did, indeed, rise, but they brought with them a number of glitches - foremost among them a turret farming/spawn camping PVP exploit in Ilum. Currently, there's a more-than-100-page comment thread raging on SWTOR's official forums, to which BioWare has issued the following:

"We are currently working on an official response to these issues and we will be posting it soon. Please understand that these issues require some time to investigate and we are making sure that we provide you all with the most updated information in our official response."

So then, patience, Padawans. Unless you're on the Dark Side. Then you can, I don't know, break stuff or something.

The Old Republic's Legacy system will let you pick your sister and play your father

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BioWare's been teasing details about The Old Republic's Legacy system for awhile now, but they released the first solid details about the game today in their interview with GameSpot. You'll be able to use the system to create specific relationships between all of your characters, turning the jumbled pile of characters on your login screen into an organized family tree of fathers, daughters, wives, and brothers.

You might think twice about ogling that hot new Smuggler alt running around in the skimpy Leia slave girl outfit when you know that she's the daughter of a terrible Sith Lord with a bad temper.

The Old Republic tries out survival-horror with its next endgame Flashpoint, Kaon Under Siege

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It's easy to forget that the world of Star Wars is filled with dirty, scary places--it's not all Gungan cities and Ewok campfires. BioWare's tapping into this darker side of Star Wars in the first Flashpoint added to The Old Republic after its launch, in the big Rise of the Rakghouls update coming on January 17th. It looks spooky, frantic, and - most importantly - will feature a full story with group choices and consequences, much like the game's first two Flashpoints: Black Talon and Esseles.

A World of Warcraft player's primer to Star Wars: The Old Republic's advanced classes, part 2

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Yesterday's look at the comparison between Star Wars: The Old Republic's specializations and World of Warcraft's classes began with the resolute Republic. Now, part 2 deals with the power-hungry Empire. As before, each listed class specialization gets a brief description and an approximate comparison to their WoW counterpart(s).