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H1Z1 designer claims engine supports "more zombies than you can kill in a lifetime"

Ian Birnbaum at

H1Z1 is SOE’s next game, and the confluence of the Planetside 2 engine and the zombie survival setting has a shot of adding an interesting amount of depth to the walking-dead genre. Jimmy Whisenhunt, senior designer on H1Z1, came by the live Twitch stream show at E3 to talk more about the game’s goals and SOE’s devotion to involving the community in the development process.

Nether Territory Wars update gives players some much needed structure

Emanuel Maiberg at

Urban Survival MMO Nether was in such an early state when I last played it a few months ago that it wasn’t even entirely clear what kind of game it was going to be. It nailed a desperate, post-apocalyptic mood, and had basic shooting and crafting systems in place, but I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Yesterday’s Territory Wars update hopes to alleviate that, giving Nether players some much needed structure.

Urban survival MMO Nether is now in beta on Steam Early Access

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Nether, the urban-focused DayZ-alike we first told you about in August, has just hit Steam Early Access. The hopefully brutal survival MMO is now in Beta, and eager early adopters can get in and start checking out the game.

New survival MMO Nether wants you to be afraid, but not alone, in a broken city

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The multiplayer survival genre continues to grow. Add Nether to that category, a new open-world shooter in development by Chicago-based studio Phosphor Games. Revealed exclusively to PC Gamer today, Nether will feature persistent online worlds where players are left to live their own stories, create alliances and secure safe houses to survive. But interestingly, it’s a post-apocalyptic world that won’t include zombies.

Get in here stalker: Survarium alpha set to expand soon

Tom Sykes at

I still can't pronounce its name without adding an extra 'iv' in the middle - 'Survivarium' just sounds so much better to my ears - but I'm still champing at the bit to play this sorta-spiritual-successor to the Stalker series. Survarium is currently undergoing a selective alpha test, but as this tweet from the development team reveals, the rusty iron door to the survivalist MMOFPS is about to be opened a little wider. Head here to register for a chance to join the post-apocalyptic battle for survival, but remember to pack your Geiger counter.

You can permanently lose items purchased with real money in The War Z

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The War Z sticks players in an open-world test of survival against nature, carpets of zombies, and fellow survivors, but here's another punch in the gut from realism: you can permanently lose cash shop items purchased with real money through the in-game store. Good heavens, is it griefing o' clock already?