Super Street Fighter IV

Capcom looking into options to handle Games for Windows Live shutdown

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With BioShock 2 and the Arkham games abandoning the quickly sinking Games for Windows Live ship for the SS Steamworks, players are asking publishers a common question: “Will I be able to play my games after Games for Windows Live is gone?” Capcom started getting the brunt of the attention last week, though it appears the company’s still mapping its escape route.

Capcom celebrates 30th anniversary with Steam sale

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Publisher birthday parties are the best. Rather than forcing you to debate whether a $25 gift card is a crappy gift, publishers simply discount a bunch of games and tell players to have at it. It’s like buying discounted party favors, but with fewer tote bags. Capcom just hit the big 3-0, and has shaved the price off many of its larger Steam titles in celebration.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will drop Games for Windows Live

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Ultra-kill! The ultra in question being Ultra Street Fighter 4, Capcom's most superlatively titled version of the game to date. The kill? Games for Windows Live, which has again been sent flying from a series in a slow motion KO arc. The removal of the unpopular service was confirmed, via Twitter, by Neidel “Haunts” Crisan, an employee at Capcom.

This week's releases

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Hello and welcome to our regular round up of this week’s newly released games in Europe and North America. It's not just the Steam sale that's going to sap your wallets, feast your eyes on the new games this week.

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition coming to PC

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PC wins: Perfect. As reported by CVG, Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is coming to PC. This is ultra good news. Street Fighter IV is on Steam, but we never got to play Super Street Fighter IV (which featured extra characters and moves) even though it hit consoles last year.

Not to worry though - the Arcade Edition contains all the content PC gamers have missed out on, and will be the most focussed Street Fighter IV yet thanks to balance tweaks, new characters, and improved community features. It's going to be super, hyper, mega-good basically. Mad Catz 360 arcade sticks will also work fine on PC, so you have no excuse to mash your keyboard like large-hoofed cow.

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