Super Spring Break Hero

This week's best free PC games

Lewis Denby at

This week, I give up. I try to maintain some sort of level of quality in what is, ultimately, a column called 'This week's best free PC games'. But so inundated have I been with requests that I cover one particular monstrosity that, this week, I've decided to get it out of the way. So without further ado, I present to you one of the most outrageously awful first-person shooters there has ever been. Fortunately, backing it up there's a gorgeous art game, a tense platformer, and a game where you can ride a speedboat through the mouth of an angry shark.

Super Spring Break Hero SD crosses Trackmania with speedboats and dinosaurs in your browser

Tim Edwards at

This just ruined any chance of me getting work done this afternoon: Super Spring Break Hero. It's a browser-based speedboat racing game, married to a very simple track editor. You race across the beach, around Jurassic obstacles, and through Sharks, against the clock, or against the ghost of your previous time. Also, you can mow down spectators with a judiciously judged sideways leap.

Once the track is loaded, the controls feel lovely and smooth. Tom hates it because it broke his PC, but don't listen to him, he's just jealous because he hasn't finished his game yet. I think it's pretty good. Why don't you try and beat my par time on this track?

(via Simon)