Super Crate Box

Vlambeer prototypes include Wild West story experiment, a new take on tower defence and "Space Murder"

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Vlambeer are known for making fast, satisfying action games. In Super Crate Box, Ridiculous Fishing and the upcoming Nuclear Throne, you will know Vlambeer by the uncompromising crunch of every bullet fired and fish hooked. They're a prolific team, as well, and Kotaku UK have taken a look at their incomplete prototypes, which see them playing with gentler concepts, as well as "Space Murder" and a game they simply call "GTA II in space".

Techno King: a free New Year's celebration from the creators of Super Crate Box

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It's 2013, so obviously giant mechs are assaulting Neo Tokyo. This is just the sort of problem we didn't have to deal with back in boring old 2012.

Vlambeer, developers of the frantic arcade shooter/platformer Super Crate Box, have released the free Techno King to celebrate the new year and the weird challenges it promises to bring.

Super Crate Box sneaks onto Steam, play for free

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Super Crate Box slyly shuffled itself into Steam's range of free games last week. It's been available for free download from developer Vlambeer's site for, like, ages, but has quietly launched on Steam as an experiment. According to Joystiq, Super Crate Box creator Rami Ismail didn't make any noise about the release because he wanted to see how well the game would do on its own merits, without media championing.

October's best free PC games

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You know what time of year it is, right? It's almost Halloween. That means it's almost time for those snotty-nosed little blighters to turn up on our doorsteps, identities disguised, demanding confectionery in exchange for not being squirted in the eye with a water pistol, or something. I think we all know what we need to do: close the curtains, disconnect the doorbell, and settle down to have a blast on the best free games October's had to offer.