Strike Vector

Strike Vector gets free Challenge Mode and map

Emanuel Maiberg at

Strike Vector is a damn good game. As I said in my review, it’s an old school arena shooter like Quake III and Unreal Tournament, but with quick and brutal aerial dogfights. One of my biggest problems with the game is that it didn’t do a very good job of explaining how to play it. The latest free update might help address that issue.

PC Gamer Podcast #370 - Octodad: Taxi Simulator

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It's a grab bag of gaming topics this week. Cory and Wes swap stories about actiony roguelike Risk of Rain, Evan is octoglad to talk about his love for Octodad: Dadliest Catch, and Tyler talks about shooting and slicing in Strike Vector and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. We also share early impressions on Steam's in-home streaming from PC to Linux.

Even if you don't have eight appendages, you can still click here to listen to PC Gamer Podcast 370 - Octodad: Taxi Simulator.

Strike Vector review

Emanuel Maiberg at

I spawn into every life of Strike Vector like a missile out of hell. Jets flaring, blurred periphery, hurtling toward a futuristic metal landscape. Other Vectors come for me, firing rockets and mini guns, dropping mines, zapping me from miles away with plasma snipers. I need to pull up, maybe slow down for a better shot and risk being an easy target. I need to figure it out quick or I’ll crash into something and explode.

Strike Vector looking for recruits as it jets toward January open beta

Patrick Carlson at

We usually get a little metal with our mayhem whenever a new Strike Vector trailer surfaces, and the latest video doesn't disappoint. The indie, ship-based shooter has released some new footage to go along with a call to arms for any pilots eager to try out the game in an open beta set to start in early January.

Indie shooter Strike Vector gets Steam Greenlight gameplay trailer

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Indie shooter Strike Vector has released a new Steam Greenlight trailer, giving us a substantial look at gameplay footage from the in-progress, multiplayer air-combat title. Building on what we have already seen, the new video shows more of the gritty world that serves as a backdrop for multiplayer dogfights between agile mercenary jet fighters.

Strike Vector first trailer released, shows off transforming jets fighting to distorted guitars

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Strike Vector is a new, third-person aerial combat game under development by a team of four, using the Unreal Engine 3. The first trailer was released today, showing off the multiplayer battles that the devs (who currently share the name of their group with the game itself) are touting as the core focus of the product. It looks kind of like someone dumped a bucket of Gears of War all over StarFox 64.