Valve to announce Steam Machine partners during CES 2014

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Valve may have decided to go it alone when it comes to manufacturing Steam controllers, but the company’s getting a little help in pushing out the box itself. Valve’s Greg Coomer told IGN that we’ll know which companies will construct Valve’s fleet of Steam Machines sometime during CES 2014, which runs from Jan. 7-10, 2014.

Only Valve will make Steam controllers

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While Valve is handing off some of the reins to third parties when it comes to console manufacturing, it looks like the Seattle-based software behemoth is the only company that will make your Steam controllers.

Steam beta update adds In-Home Streaming support, sort of

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Something interesting has cropped up in the latest Steam beta update: streaming capability, even if it's not quite, um, capable yet. The wily devils at the unofficial Steam Database have unearthed (after some "tinkering") an option called In-Home Streaming, which will obviously let you stream games from one PC to another or others, over a local network. Will is the operative word here - the option is there, in an unfinished form at least, but it's currently hamstrung by Steam's one-PC-at-a-time login restrictions.

Valve invites game devs to discuss and test Steam products

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Valve has announced a two-day game developer’s conference in Seattle called “Steam Dev Days” that will allow game creators from around the globe to speak in roundtable discussions, attend industry lectures, and test out SteamOS, the Steam Controller, and an assortment of Steam machines.

John Carmack shares thoughts on Steambox and AMD's Mantle

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News and rumors are still buzzing around Valve’s battle for your living room. Developers from all walks of life have shared their thoughts on Valve’s flurry of announcements, and now Oculus Rift Chief Technology Officer and id Software co-founder John Carmack has entered the fray, discussing how SteamOS devices might benefit from AMD's new graphics technology.