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Steam Hardware Survey shows small gains for Windows 8 and Nvidia through January

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It was a muted January for Steam's hardware stats, perhaps due to all of December's lovingly gifted Christmas RAM. There were minor gains in expected areas, and minor losses that chipped away at the lead configurations. So where last month, 19.97% of polled users ran Windows 8, this month, it's 21.31%. But while the numbers aren't earth shattering, there are plenty of trends to mull over.

Steam's December Hardware Survey shows 20% of polled users now run Windows 8

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Ooh, it's been a while since we last delved into the silicon minutia of Steam's Hardware Survey. As it's a new year, let's treat ourselves with a quick rundown of the recently released December stats. Through them, like hushed archaeologists on a giant mound of plastic, we can glimpse at the habits of the prehistoric gamers of that ancient era known as 2013.

Steam's latest hardware survey - more than twice the number of Linux users since December

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It's a new month, meaning, for the most part, very little. Still, fans of minor incremental gains and losses in granular data do get the joy of a fresh Steam Hardware Survey, reducing down Steam's userbase into a comparable list of percentages. February's numbers bring strong gains for Linux, a new chunk of Windows 8 users, and the continued and seemingly unstoppable dominance of Windows 7.

Steam's December hardware survey shows early Linux take-up

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Valve's monthly Steam hardware survey/tech-peen comparison chart has been updated to reflect what users have been playing on through December. The big change this month is the emergence of Linux, after the open-source OS went into full public beta at the tail-end of last year.

Steam's hardware survey shows Windows 8 outpacing Mac

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The latest Steam hardware survey figures have been released, and it looks like good news for Microsoft. Despite Gabe Newell's own labelling of Windows 8 as a "catastrophe for everyone in the PC space", the survey shows a definite uptake, with Windows 8 becoming the fastest growing OS among Steam users. With 4.69% of Steam users now operating the interface formerly known as Metro, it's even overtaken the combined Mac OS X variants.

Poll: Do you use more than one monitor?

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Last night, as is my wont, I was flicking through RSS headlines and spotted a post on Microsoft's Building Windows 8 blog which looked quite interesting. This morning, the post is gone – presumably for further editing somewhere along the way.

Since the post has been taken down I won't go into too much details about the way Microsoft says it's improved multiscreen use in Windows 8 – obviously something in there wasn't right and I've no way of knowing what that is. There was, however, some useful stats about dual and triple screen use which led me to wonder: how many readers use more than one monitor?