Interview: Endless Space and StarDrive developers talk about 4X design

Wes Fenlon at

At the Game Developers Conference in March I previewed Endless Legend, a fantasy 4X strategy game from Amplitude Studios that is now available on Steam Early Access. I wanted to spend more time talking to Amplitude's creative director, Romain de Waubert de Genlis (above right), about the recent resurgence of the 4X genre and the success of his previous game Endless Space. We decided to talk over lunch with another 4X designer, Daniel DiCicco (above left), who is working on a sequel to his indie success StarDrive. Over the course of an hour we discussed different approaches to 4X design, their all-time favorite 4Xs, what they think the genre is missing, and more.

It's a long, meaty conversation about one of the most complex corners of PC gaming. Read on to join us for lunch.

StarDrive review

Dan Griliopoulos at

As far as space-set turn-based strategy games go, Galactic Civilizations II has long been universal overlord. StarDrive wants to knock GalCiv II off its celestial perch. Impressively, it makes a good jump toward doing so.

The biggest difference is that it’s real-time, not turn-based like a normal 4X game, which makes galactic domination mightily hectic.

Make deals with space bears in 4X space strategy, StarDrive

Tom Senior at

Yes, that is an armoured space bear from the future. How would you like to open up diplomatic relations with that bear? Quite a lot I bet. How would you like to do it as the commander of a race of space-faring creatures in a new 4X strategy game? Well, then you might be interested in the successfully kickstarted StarDrive, created by a small indie team called Zer0sum games.