Star Wars:The Old Republic

Star Wars: The Old Republic set to wipe long-abandoned character names

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According to an email sent to Star Wars: The Old Republic players, BioWare will soon begin a “Character Name Renewal” program, targeting inactive players. Free-to-play characters who have not logged in to the game for long periods of time will have their names released into the general pool for anyone to use.

The Old Republic beginner's guide

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The launch of an MMO is a confusing time. The world is fresh and new, and everyone is still learning how to play it. Which is why, now that The Old Republic has launched, we've put together a list of our top 50 tips, learned from hours of beta play to help you get to grips with the new game. For MMO newcomers and veterans alike, we've created a definitive guide to classes, companions, conversations, crafting and every other aspect of the game.

Check inside for the full list of our fifty things you need to know about The Old Republic.

Star Wars: The Old Republic video shows part one of the Eternity Vault raid

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A while back, Bioware released a two minute teaser trailer of The Old Republic's Eternity Vault mission, giving us a glimpse of their top tier raid content. Now CVG have spotted the video above, a proper ten minute walkthrough that skims over the first stage of the quest in which players must shut down a 20,000 year old vault full of chocolate and puppies horrible unimaginable things to save the universe. After an introduction explaining the whole 'broken vault, ancient evil loose' deal, players are thrown off a burning ship into a hostile icy wilderness, where they must race to the gates of the vault before it's too late.

We recently spoke to Bioware about The Old Republic's accessible raids. They told us they're trying to take loot grinding requirements out of their top tier raid content, and ensure that all raiders get rewards for their efforts. What do you think, has the footage above inspired you to give TOR a crack?