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Star Trek Online could go free-to-play, Champions to get mission creator

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Cryptic announced recently that Champions Online will be going free-to-play early next year, and many immediately wondered if their other MMO title, Star Trek Online would follow suit. Cryptic's boss, Jack Emmert, has been speaking out in a recent interview about Star Trek Online's chances of ditching the subscription fee, and about plans to introduce a City of Heroes style mission editor to Champions Online.

Make your own missions in Star Trek Online

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Cryptic Studios, creators of City of Heroes and Champions Online, are gearing up to release the Foundry toolset to players of space borne MMO Star Trek Online. The toolset will allow players to create their own missions, and then submit them to a database for the community to rate.

Star Trek Online: more levels, weekly content

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"Every week we plan to have something new for players to do," Star Trek Online's executive producer Daniel Stahl told Cryptic's plan is to emulate the weekly, episodic "tee vee shows" that Star Trek was apparently based on in the distant past, before it was made into a movie for the first time ever in 2009.

Star Trek Online executive producer quits

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Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer at Cryptic Studios, has just magically transformed into Craig Zinkievich, stay-at-home-Dad.

Star Trek Online now has a time-unlimited free trial

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Star Trek Online has just started offering a new kind of free trial, where you can play for as long as you like. Instead of limiting your time, they restrict you to the tutorial and first mission of the game. Hmm. No time limit, but a restricted portion of the game? This new way of demonstrating a game needs a name of some kind.