spring sale

GOG are having another one of their bizarre sales

Phil Savage at

Steam sales are well known for their detrimental effect on your wallet. GOG prefer to engage in targeted strikes to your sanity. Their Spring Insomnia Sale has just launched and, much like last year's Fall Insomnia Sale, it's a strange way to get cheap games.

It works by offering up to 90% off any one of the one hundred included games, but only in limited quantity. As of writing, there are 158 copies of Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! available at 75% off. Given the game, that deal will last longer than most. Better games tend to be snapped up more quickly, and you get to watch each one being bought in real-time.

Humble Bundle Spring Sale discounts Batman: Arkham Origins, South Park: Stick of Truth, more

Emanuel Maiberg at

Spring is in the air. It’s horrible. The air is more pollen than O2 at this point, and if you have allergies like I do every inhale is a misery. Rather than enjoy the sunshine, why not close all your windows, pull down the blinds, and download a mess of games from the Humble Bundle Spring Sale? What you buy should last you until this whole season blows over and it’s safe to go outside again.