Bound By Flame gets a launch trailer full of fighting and portentous dialogue

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I do admire developers like Spiders and Cyanide for keeping the ambitious mid-budget RPG alive, even if their games don't always live up to their potential. Bound By Flame is Spiders' Dragon Age-ish fantasy RPG, and like most games on the precipice of launching, it's been given it's own launch trailer to celebrate the occasion. You'll find a new synonym for zombies - "Deadwalkers" - inside, along with the promise of sexytimes and lots of cutsceney battle footage.

Bound By Flame footage looks mighty familiar

Tim Clark at

Oh, Bound By Flame! You couldn't make your influence more obvious without sneaking into Dark Souls' bedroom at night and rifling around in its underwear drawer. "What? This chainmail thong? No, no. I've always worn these."

Mars: War Logs review

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Are you ready to step into the dusty boots of Roy Temperance, the toughest man to ever get repeatedly slaughtered on medium difficulty? Are you ready to wrestle with an exuberant camera, that gets so over- excited in combat it can’t remember if this is a third-person game, or one where you don’t really need to see anything at all? And are you happy to tolerate the quirks of a UI that was designed by someone with a grudge against human convenience?

If so, you should consider Mars: War Logs – a budget title that’s more entertaining than all my complaints about it would seem to imply.

Sci-fi RPG Mars: War Logs rolls onto Steam

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Mars: War Logs. I can't pinpoint what's wrong with that name, exactly, but after rolling it over my tongue a couple of times I'm now convinced it's about a group of Warlocks sponsored by the Mars confectionary company. It's actually an RPG set on everybody's favourite red planet, starring an improbably named hero called Roy Temperance. (I'm willing to bet he's ironically not the temperate sort.) It's also out now on Steam, for the surprisingly low price of £14.99. Crafting, companions, choices and Technomancers are just a few of the things waiting should you decide to get your ass to Mars. Launch trailer below.

Mars War Logs trailer shows RPG skill trees, nothing else wood-related

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Wait, you don't remember Mars War Logs? Neither do I, actually. Developer Spiders delivered a gameplay trailer out of nowhere for the upcoming sci-fi RPG, and it takes a look at the surprisingly fluid-looking combat taking place on a terraformed Red Planet colony. I'm feeling a strong Witcher-meets-Arkham vibe here: kinetic, reactive attack combos supplemented with supportive abilities and a three-branched skill tree. Oh, and rolling. Lots of rolling.

Of Orcs and Men screenshots confirm that it isn't easy being green

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Cyanide's upcoming RPG Of Orcs and Men is something like Inglorious Basterds minus Brad Pitt and with more shirtless, musclebound orc powerhouses. The plot staple of an eternal struggle between humankind and all things green gets a new perspective -- the player is placed in the shoes of Arkail, a renowned orc warrior seeking to end enslavement and slaughter at the hands of men by directing more violence at the Emperor. See today's new screenshots inside...