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Spelunky and the City of Gold

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I've found it. It's real. I must have stood at this mysterious door a hundred times before - with the Udjat Eye from the locked chest in the upper caves; with the Ankh of Resurrection bought at a Black Market so secret I had to blast through solid rock to find it; with a Psionic Staff prised from the cold dead hands of an eighteen foot Mummy; even with the elusive Hedjet of the ice caverns, a prize I literally died to obtain. Each time, it stayed shut. But now, at last, I've found the secret combination of secret artifacts that fits the secret lock on this secret door to the legendary City of Gold, and I'm going in.

"There's a very good chance" of Spelunky HD on PC, says creator Derek Yu

Tom Francis at

Remember that gorgeous Xbox-only remake of the superb randomly generated platform game Spelunky we were drooling over? The one with new monsters, streamlined controls, and four player co-op in which you can throw your friends gracelessly around the levels to help them reach stuff?

The jealousy was too great, we had to know: could it ever come to PC? I asked creator Derek Yu.

"There's a very good chance we'll see the HD edition of Spelunky on PC at some point."

";)" Yu added.

Hot randomly-generated damn.