Strike Suit Zero hits Kickstarter, with mechs and spaceships in tow

Tom Sykes at

If you feel that you've not quite kickstarted enough projects lately - perhaps you've discovered some money down the back of the sofa, or you've recently sold a kidney - then, as Michael Parkinson would say, you might want to take a look at this. Strike Suit Zero is a Wing Commander/Freelancer-inspired space combat game with transformable ships and mechs - and it's looking abso-bloody-lutely amazing.

Patrician IV Review

Richard Bett at

Venerable, oak-aged, the Patrician games first sailed onto our screens back in 1993. As with its predecessors, Patrician IV is one of those transport management games we all tell our cool friends we’re really not into. Eschewing the lorries or trains the genre usually attracts, Pat IV is based around middle-ages sea freight.

There’s little joy to be had in travelling from port to port: the journey is represented by crawling glumly across the map, and each stop proves practically identical upon arrival. Interaction is also disappointingly limited.

EVE Alliance Tournament VIII: space-killery

PC Gamer at

EVE Online alliances are vast, sprawling entities, at their peak crewed by thousands of players from every corner of the world. Over the last two weeks, their top players have been clashing for money and glory in the EVE Alliance Tournament VIII – an epic, 64 team competition broadcast live over the internet, commented on live by expert commentators, and with prizes including limited edition ships, and 50 billion ISK. For those of you unfamiliar with ethereal fake space-money, that’s about $2500 in straight up, real-life cash. Internet spaceships are serious business.