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EVE Online video outlines Odyssey expansion, parodies like it's 2001

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You have to watch this wonderfully goofy video for Eve Online's upcoming Odyssey expansion, which is set to deploy in just two days. In addition to redoing the hanger interiors and a load of other stuff, Odyssey improves the game's atmospheric audio, changes the way resources are handled, and even adds a hacking minigame. But more importantly, it's inspired this development video, which parodies Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut 2001: A Space Odyssey to the brilliantly discordant strains of the Portsmouth Sinfonia. So watch, learn, and try to steer clear of any giant space-embyros. Those guys are just the worst.

Chris Roberts: Star Citizen's death system creates "a sense of living history"

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Star Citizen's huge ambitions haven't faded since the upcoming space sim warped past the $6 million mark during its twin crowdfunding campaigns. In a lengthy blog post, project head Chris Roberts shares his ideas for creating a "sense of living history" through a permadeath mechanic that underscores a character's legacy.

Elite: Dangerous' David Braben on crowdfunding challenges: "People took a lack of material for a lack of faith"

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The Kickstarter campaign for designer David Braben's spacefaring trade sim Elite: Dangerous handily met its $2,011,625/£1,250,000 goal with two days to spare, promising a universe of "over 100 billion" star systems and a relieving lack of William Shatner. In an interview with Gamasutra, Braben admitted he felt "a little nervous" halfway through the campaign and talked about the pitfalls of pitching an idea without enough solid material to show off.

Elite: Dangerous holds "over 100 billion" star systems, says Frontier Developments

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Elite: Dangerous project head David Braben has spoken before about procedural generation in the upcoming space trading sim, describing how the computer's roll of the dice creates whole star systems and majestic nebulae on the fly as you, er, fly. Before the depths of space overwhelms your consciousness, know that Braben claimed (via PCGamesN) "over 100 billion" star systems will exist as navigable destinations.

0x10c screenshots show early build, shadows, shapes that aren't cubes and TF2 soldier

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Team Mojang have hosted some super-early screenshots of Notch's new space game, 0x10c, which we still don't know how to pronounce. Redditor TL10 found the images on the official site. They're taken at a very early stage of development so they're not representative of how the game will end up looking, but there are some interesting details. Firstly, look, it's the Red soldier from TF2! It looks as though the team are using a low-poly version of him as a placeholder.