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Elite: Dangerous team outline plans for post-launch expansion packs

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Hey, you! Space fan! Are you excited for Elite: Dangerous. Well stop it, there's no time for that—its creators are already looking toward Elite: Dangerous's expansions. Be excited for that instead.

Yes, despite the main game being in beta, the Frontier team are already planning ahead to Elite's post-launch future. In the latest news letter update, they've shared their vision for the game.

Star Citizen raises $30 million, increases funding for Squadron 42 single-player campaign

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The danger with writing about Star Citizen's financial achievements is that, currently, it's approaching a full time job. No sooner than you've thought of a pithy opening to lead the news that they've raised yet another million dollars, you find that they've raised yet another yet another million. The total is fast approaching the $31 million mark, but rather than wait the five minutes for that to happen, I want to go back and look at the $29 million milestone. It unlocked enhanced funding for the game's single-player campaign - Squadron 42 - which the developers are touting as a spiritual successor to Wing Commander.

X Rebirth trailer wants to make an explosive impression for launch

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Okay folks, we're going to have to be careful here. Obviously we all know that X Rebirth is a game that combines space combat with trading, mining and exploration. But, as we've seen time and again with launch trailers, Egosoft really don't want people to be thinking about slow financial progress and the diligent collection of minerals as they're contemplating whether to buy the game. Let's just play along, and enjoy the lasers and explosions on show.

X Rebirth trailer details exploration, scanning, and the haunted, blank faces of NPCs

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What was I just saying about space games? Unlike The Mandate, though, X Rebirth is a known factor. It proudly sits on the list of our most anticipated digital voyages to the stars, thanks to the promise shown from its recent previews of trading, mining and combat. Even the weird, dead-eyed stares of its NPCs can't dampen that feeling, although they try pretty hard in this latest, exploration focused trailer.

Star Citizen has raised $21 million, unlocking the 'salvage' career path

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As I climbed into the news cockpit this morning, I noticed the familiar flashing of the deep red alert siren. If anything, the warnings were becoming more frequent: a foreboding sign of the future. This time it had been silent for just nine days. Still, that's the life we chose; we knew the risks when we signed up for this job. We knew that periodically - nay, regularly - Star Citizen would make yet another million dollars.

X Rebirth trailer explains trading and mining

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Egosoft's new video for X Rebirth may be less immediately spectacular than the debut trailer, but there's plenty to be excited about in this ten minute examination of the space sim's economy, trading and mining systems. It details a universe in which every action ties back into the overarching economy, and where large scale trades cause a fleet of drones unload your cargo in real time.

X Rebirth screenshots show the colourful side of space

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You know what's cool? Space. You know what's even cooler? Space majesty: the distinctly unreal and colourful glow that emanates from fake video game space. When our distant descendants venture out into the galaxies, they're going to be pretty put out that the reality is dark, drab and colourless. Still, at least they'll have games like X Rebirth to look back on. As these screenshots can attest, fighting/trading/exploring your way through the galaxy is going to be a very pretty experience.

X Rebirth trailer confirms the long-awaited space sim sequel is ready to come into being

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The last transmission from X Rebirth was back in 2011. Originally due out that year, we decoded juicy details about your spaceship, your drones, and the boss-around-able NPCs manning your craft. Then the space simulation vanished back into the star-womb to continue its gestation. Nearly two years later, it's ready to be reborn, with a confident trailer and a release date of November 15 for Europe, and November 19 for North America.

Star Citizen trailer details economy and mission generation

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It's not quite as immediately sexy as their previous in-engine trailer, but this video for the economic plans of Cloud Imperium's Star Citizen still dazzles with its descriptions of a vast and emergent system. Here, studio founder Chris Roberts takes us through examples of naturally occurring trade missions - and how their success or failure can tie directly into the galactic price of goods.

X Rebirth announced with first trailer and screens

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Deep Silver have announced that there will be another game in the X series. X Rebirth promises faster space travel and even more incredible cosmic environments. It's due out at the end of this year. You'll find the four first screens of the game below.