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EVE: Online history book funded in less than 8 hours

Patrick Carlson at

As a story generator, EVE: Online is nearly peerless. But for every individual player, there's still the vastness of the MMO's universe to contend with. Andrew Groen, a games industry journalist, wants to tell the story of EVE through its own grand, narrative history. And now that his Kickstarter project to document that history has been funded, it appears he'll be able to do just that.

Rodina now available for early access purchase, hour-long demo released

Phil Savage at

Space exploration sandbox Rodina has been released to the public as an early access title. That's "early access" in lower-case, as the game is available through the developer's website rather than Steam's in-development holding cell. The benefit of this is a pay-what-you-want scale of purchase options, propped up by a generous hour-long demo. More than enough time to jet off into the vast unknown, explore a few asteroids, and - if you're anything like me - flail your ship around impotently as you try to find a flat surface to land upon.