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Kerbal Space Program committed to multiplayer career and sandbox modes

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The finished release of Kerbal Space Program will include official multiplayer modes, according to developer Squad. How exactly a multiplayer mode will work mechanically is undecided, but Squad says it's committed to building beyond the current singleplayer model.

Kerbal Space Program's school-friendly version officially launches December 18

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KerbalEdu, a cooperative, school-friendly version of space exploration sim Kerbal Space Program, will officially launch next Wednesday, December 18. The new program was created and will be managed by TeacherGaming, which previously saw success with Minecraft variant MinecraftEdu. KerbalEdu already has a small number of schools working toward setting up a program, and over 2,000 schools are in TeacherGaming’s established network.

Kerbal Space Program video teases third birthday, Kerbal Kon celebration

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As Kerbal Space Program turns three years old and prepares for a big livestream event on Thursday, those disposable green astronauts have released a short video to celebrate the occasion. Kerbal Kon will begin on December 12 on Twitch.