New Source trailer teases a metroidvania with wings

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You wouldn't know it by looking at it, but Source started out as an iPhone game. As indie developer Fenix Fire explains, it grew from a simple mobile idea to a full-fledged metroidvania, which is now headed to Steam Greenlight. It has a unique and beautiful look that reminds me of something between Tron and Descent. If that doesn't sound interesting to you, I bet the trailer will change your mind.

Contagion Kickstarter funded, a "spiritual successor" to Half-Life 2 mod

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Those who sunk hours upon hours into the Zombie Panic Half-Life 1 and 2 mods will be happy to know that a funded spiritual successor, Contagion, is being made by some of the same people and will be available on Steam Early Access before this Halloween.

The Third Annual Saxxy Awards are coming in November

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The Saxxy Awards, the annual competition for short films produced inside Source Film Maker, are back for a third year. Now that the SFM community has had full access to Valve’s animation software for over a year, expect the number and quality of entries to increase dramatically.

Titanfall E3 conference trailers show mechs, explosions, and mech explosions

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We've seen the fancy conceptual rendering of Titanfall's stompy robot/squishy human warzones. Now we get to see the game as it is played, courtesy of in-game footage presented in last night's Xbone and EA conferences. Going by these lengthy looks at Respawn's multiplayer mech shooter, it could prove to be one of the best new titles teased at E3. Well, except for Trials Fusion. Obviously.

Operation Black Mesa bringing Opposing Force to Source

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Since the release of Black Mesa, modders have been bending and shaping its spruced up Half-Life assets to create Source upgrades of every one of the game's expansions, demos and curios. But mod group Tripmine Studios are attempting to go it alone, Sourcing up Gearbox's Opposing Force expansion entirely from scratch. The name of their project? Operation Black Mesa. Wait, what?

Double Action: Boogaloo dives onto Kickstarter with playable pre-alpha

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There are a few notable things about the Kickstarter campaign for Double Action. Firstly, the final game will be entirely free. It's a spiritual successor to The Specialists - a Half-Life mod with similar John Woo inspired acrobatics to Action Half-Life, but with added bullet time slow-mo for the multiplayer mayhem. Secondly, the pitch video is refreshingly frank about the team's distribution of funds, project scope and disinterest in stretch goals.

Thirdly (and most importantly?), the codename for the game's first version is Boogaloo.

Black Mesa: Insecurity bringing Blue Shift to Source

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Now Black Mesa has fallen through a Source engine resonance cascade and out into the world, modders are piggy-backing off its upgraded assets to fill in the extended family of Gordon Freeman's original adventure. Black Mesa: Insecurity hopes to remake Gearbox's second expansion, Half-Life: Blue Shift, starring everybody's favourite beer-owing security guard Barney Rubble Calhoun.

Top 10 Source Filmmaker Movies

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Since its launch, Valve's Source Filmmaker has helped budding directors create literally hundreds of movies - some good, some bad, most.... incredibly goofy. The Team Fortress 2 cast especially has sung seemingly every song, played out every meme and worn every hat and every expression - sometimes at once! But what are the ten best creations? We've scoured YouTube in search of the funniest, the most dramatic, and the just plain prettiest Source Filmmaker movies.

New Black Mesa screenshots show off iconic aliens, unlucky soldiers

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Only a few days remain before Black Mesa's Higgs-inclusive LG Orbifold teleportation (thanks, Kleiner) zaps it onto our PCs this Friday, and the team's latest batch of screenshots invokes a similar sense of mystery and alien terror Half-Life's original preview shots carried so long ago. Check out Resonance Cascadians the Vortigaunt, Houndeye, Bullsquid, and Gargantua inside.

"Next-gen Source 2" references spotted in Source Filmmaker files

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It looks as though Valve are working on a proper follow up to the Source Engine they've been gradually improving over the course of the last decade. Valve Time have pulled numerous references to a "next-gen 'Source 2'" engine along with various "Source 2 tools" icons from the guts of the Source Film Maker.

Valve have previously played down the need for an entirely new version of Source, and have concentrated instead on updating the original version to keep up with modern engine tech. That's worked quite nicely so far, but if these references are correct, a more significant step up is on the way. Here are a few of the pulled strings referring to Source 2.

PCG Plays: GoldenEye Source

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In this edition of PC Gamer Plays, we've harnessed the mystical powers of moving pictures to showcase one of our favorite mods: GoldenEye: Source. Check out the introduction above to set the stage, then find out why the remake comes so highly recommended in the following videos, which include a black tie duel against the mod's developers (spoiler: they're really good).

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro hands-on reveals new Dust, molotov cocktails, more guns

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On Friday, Valve confirmed the existence of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a new multiplatform, standalone version of Counter-Strike with new maps, weapons, matchmaking and leaderboards. Co-founder of the ESEA, Craig Levine is one of the many top members of the Counter-Strike community Valve flew out to see CS:GO in action. He's written about his experiences on the ESEA site. Read on for a summary of the main points.

Vindictus trailer teases Xtreme Edition, EU closed beta landing in September

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[bcvideo id="1100181411001"]
Free-to-play action MMO Vindictus is heading to Gamescom, where the faster, deadlier Xtreme Edition will be playable on the show floor. Nexon have released the trailer above to prepare us for the Source-powered violence that will be hitting Cologne next week. Nexon also announce that they're planning to launch a European closed beta in September, shortly after the conclusion of the conference. To find out more about Vindictus, check out the official Vindictus website. Nexon will update the site with their closed beta plans closer to launch.