FIFA 15 goes next-gen on PC. (About bloody time)

Tim Clark at

The Venn diagram intersection of ‘PC gamers’ and ‘people who quite like football’ were served particularly thin gruel by EA last year, who gave us a vanilla port of the PS3/Xbox 360 game instead of the next-genified version that was released on PS4/Xbox One. Thankfully, if belatedly, that situation will be rectified later this year with the release of FIFA 15.

Football Manager: the diary of a descent into madness

PC Gamer at

Too busy scouring the Eredivisie for promising young wingers to notice that your other half has walked out on you? Football writer, and co-author of Football Manager Stole My Life, Iain Macintosh charts a typical journey into the dark side of FM micromanagement.

PES 2014 will mark the "most comprehensive advance" for the series "since its inception"

Tom Sykes at

Pro-Evolution Soccer is a game about kicking a ball around, as this completely pointless E3 trailer confirms. The only thing I took away from it is that sometimes football stars wear garish shoes while absurdly bombastic music plays - but thankfully the accompanying press release had a little more information on hand. PES 2014 features an "all-new engine allowing for the most comprehensive advance for the Pro Evolution Soccer series since its inception," apparently. Konami then bamboozle us with acronyms.