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Sniper Elite 3 review

Tyler Wilde at

“Save often,” says one of the tips in Sniper Elite 3’s loading screen. I’m perplexed. The phrase used to be in every game, but among today’s auto-saving checkpoints it feels anachronistic—impossible, even. You mean, I can save wherever I want? What is this, 2003?

Sniper Elite 3 is a third-person shooter with emphasis on stealth and long-range sniping, and it remembers the old days fondly—which is great. In the campaign, I expected to sneak between checkpoints in more or less a straight line, but I found big open maps and the freedom to solve problems how I wanted. In multiplayer, I expected to be asked to log in to something or other, but I found custom player-hosted matches and dedicated servers with 23 possible rules modifiers. Can we really have it so good in 2014?

Rebellion revokes "unlicensed" Sniper Elite 3 keys, offers free DLC as compensation

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Rebellion has revoked more than 7000 Steam keys for Sniper Elite 3, many of which were already in the hands of gamers. The studio said the keys were stolen and then redistributed to multiple companies who sold them to customers without making any payments to either Valve or Rebellion, but at least one reseller, whose keys actually weren't revoked, has accused the studio of trying to force people to pay the full retail price for the game.

Sniper Elite 3 review in progress

Tyler Wilde at

We received an early review copy of Sniper Elite 3, but I hit a couple technical issues on the way to reviewing it. According to developer Rebellion, a patch released Wednesday dug out some bugs, and now I have the final build which will be released Friday (the one I want to review anyway). As far as I can tell, it's smooth sniping now, but I've also had a hard time getting into populated multiplayer matches—not because it doesn't work, but because there are too few players before launch.

All this is to say: I can't write a final review and score Sniper Elite 3 until I've completed the campaign (I have some progress to recover) and played co-op and competitive multiplayer in a live setting. I can tell you how I feel so far, though, and so far, I like Sniper Elite 3.

Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer trailer shows blatant disregard for the human skull

Tom Sykes at

Sniper Elite 3's 'everybody's-a-sniper' approach to multiplayer neatly solves one of the biggest problems with online shooters: i.e. camping sniper jerks ruining everyone's killy fun. If everyone's a sniper, you can't very well complain about snipers, can you? Because you are one, and you just shot a man's skull in half from a distant rooftop. I remain...queasy at the gratuitous violence featured in Rebellion's historical snipe-'em-ups, but I'm rather taken with the idea of a series of multiplayer standoffs, which can be solved by either shooting or sneaking up on your enemies from behind. Sniper Elite 3's relatively unique approach to multiplayer is documented in the following trailer.

Sniper Elite 3 trailer shows the tools of your trade

Phil Savage at

I had problems with Sniper Elite V2, a game that seemed to think the best environment for long-distance ballistic action was a series of small corridors. But the premise remains strong: sneaking, stalking and sniping around a World War 2 battlefield, setting up all manner of stealth shenanigans with which to neutralise enemy soldiers. With Sniper Elite 3, the hope is that Rebellion will move the series' action into a more open environment. Judging from this new four minutes of game footage, that's exactly what they've done.

Sniper Elite 3 trailer explores the gruesome detail of the X-Ray Killcam

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There are a few amazing metaphors that Rebellion break out in this Sniper Elite 3 dev diary. The best has to be the onion analogy, in which their Head of Art starts talking about the layers of the vegetable, only to shift into describing the layers of skin, flesh and gristle that are being shredded to bits as part of the game's much "improved" X-Ray Killcam.

Sniper Elite 3 trailer shows off Tobruk city, then blows bits of it up

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It's not people that are the casualties of the small slice of war depicted in this trailer, but places. Specifically, it's the Libyan city Tobruk, which gets roundly shelled, shattered and exploded, all to demonstrate Sniper Elite 3's new fancier tech. At least, that's the case for the first minute of the trailer. After that, people are definitely the casualties. One person, to be precise, in a particularly gruesome way.

Sniper Elite 3 trailer confirms that snipers are still jerks

Phil Savage at

Sniper Elite V2 was a game that cast you as a cold, calculating psychopath let loose in a slightly too narrow World War 2 playground, and tasked with vindictively bringing pain, suffering and occasional corridor-based bullet spam. This first Sniper Elite 3 trailer would suggest a much more open sandbox, but the same level of soldier trolling dickery. Only this time, the gross, over-the-top kill-cam reacts to the less fleshy innards of vehicles as well.