Pandora: First Contact released, claims to be the hex-based successor to Alpha Centauri

Phil Savage at

It's an odd quirk that many of the games that went on to be major sources of inspiration have had relatively short names. That means we've had Doom Clones, and Roguelikes, and DotA-likes, and other, snappy touchstones. Pandora: First Contact is perhaps best described as a Sid Meier's Alpha Centauralike, which is longer, but effectively conveys the game's aim to be seen as a "spiritual successor" of sci-fi 4X strategy Alpha Centauri.

New Warhammer 40K title in the works at Slitherine

Phil Savage at

Games Workshop have popped on their sorting hat and picked out another studio to craft something from one of their WAR-heavy licenses. This time it's Slitherine, publishers of tricky tactical strategy Unity of Command, who have been tasked with making a new game for the 40,000 universe. That's the sci-fi one with "Orks", not the fantasy one with "Orcs".

Panzer Corps review

Tim Stone at

Alex Shargin’s goal for Panzer Corps was “to preserve the game mechanics and characteristic look-and-feel of the classic Panzer General, and improve all the other areas of the game.” So most of the design work for this game was in fact completed over 17 years ago by computer wargaming pioneers Strategic Simulations Inc. It was they who crafted Panzer General (PCG 15, 85%), the absurdly elegant, dangerously distracting WWII TBS that Panzer Corps apes so skillfully.