Indie horror show Faceless switches from free to paid release, devs explain

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Faceless, an indie horror game that began life as a popular Slender: Source mod, recently announced that it would be sold on Steam as a commercial game. The development team had previously planned to release the game for free—and campaigned on Greenlight promising to be free—so the fan reaction has been swift and predictable: rage. In a new interview, lead developer Adam Sklar explains why the change was made, in part, at Valve’s suggestion.

Slender mod, Faceless, blocked on Greenlight

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The Slender: Source mod, now known as "Faceless," has been having some trouble getting onto Steam despite heavy support from voters. "We've been the No. 1 game since the service launched and have yet to be Greenlit due to copyright issues with Slender Man, which is a free-to-use entity, and we've even gotten permission from the creator Victor Surge," designer, Justin Ross, told Joystiq.

Ross also pointed that similar games have already made it through the greenlight process. "We were happy finding out that we were the most popular game on the service," Ross said. "However, we feel a little bit screwed over as we have attained the highest rank, and yet some really arguable games have gotten in. Especially The Intruder, which is essentially the same premise of our game and from what I've heard uses the Slender Man mythos as well."

Slender: The Arrival is the follow up to Slender: The Eight pages, first screenshots

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Slender: The Eight Pages has delivered plenty of free scares already, but there's probably a market for those who'd like to be scared at a higher resolution. Slender: The Arrival with slake that thirst with a high fidelity update to its Unity predecessor. It's being made by Parsec Productions, who made The Eight Pages, in conjunction with Blue Isle Studios.

"The final version will include improved visuals, more content, more levels, and an engaging storyline to add to the Slender setting" they say. It'll arrive on PC "in the coming months." The Slender: The Arrival site has two screenshots of the project, which are safe to look at, I promise.