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Slender: The Arrival review

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Slender, the cult horror game based on a popular internet meme, took the online world by storm last year. YouTube is filled with reaction videos of people playing it in the dark and shrieking whenever the blank-faced Slenderman appears. But as scary as it was, it wasn’t much of a game.

That’s where The Arrival comes in. It has nicer visuals, more levels to wet yourself in, a smarter Slenderman, and even a story to follow. It’s still a simple game at its core, but it feels like much more of a complete package than a short-lived novelty.

Slender: The Arrival beta footage is RIGHT BEHIND YOU

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The free horror game Slender: The Eight Pages hexed the web last year, leaving a long trail of broken minds and weeping would-be Let's Play hosts in its wake. Creator Mark Hadley and Blue Isle studios have teamed up to create a prettier version called Slender: The Arrival, which will let fans enjoy the unbearable tension and pervasive throbbing despair of Slender all over again for the price of a pint. That's the pint you'll desperately need once the slim, suited horror has consumed your spirit and tossed your malformed husk limply aside to rot in the ice-blue light of your uncaring monitor. ENJOY :D

Slender mod, Faceless, blocked on Greenlight

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The Slender: Source mod, now known as "Faceless," has been having some trouble getting onto Steam despite heavy support from voters. "We've been the No. 1 game since the service launched and have yet to be Greenlit due to copyright issues with Slender Man, which is a free-to-use entity, and we've even gotten permission from the creator Victor Surge," designer, Justin Ross, told Joystiq.

Ross also pointed that similar games have already made it through the greenlight process. "We were happy finding out that we were the most popular game on the service," Ross said. "However, we feel a little bit screwed over as we have attained the highest rank, and yet some really arguable games have gotten in. Especially The Intruder, which is essentially the same premise of our game and from what I've heard uses the Slender Man mythos as well."

Slender: The Arrival is the follow up to Slender: The Eight pages, first screenshots

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Slender: The Eight Pages has delivered plenty of free scares already, but there's probably a market for those who'd like to be scared at a higher resolution. Slender: The Arrival with slake that thirst with a high fidelity update to its Unity predecessor. It's being made by Parsec Productions, who made The Eight Pages, in conjunction with Blue Isle Studios.

"The final version will include improved visuals, more content, more levels, and an engaging storyline to add to the Slender setting" they say. It'll arrive on PC "in the coming months." The Slender: The Arrival site has two screenshots of the project, which are safe to look at, I promise.

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Today in news we didn't post: new Remember Me screens, Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2 are getting Steam Workshop integration (and they're on sale!), more Project Eternity details, and a Far Cry 3 video featuring voice over by Agent Huntley, who sort of sounds like Max Payne's less-clever cousin.