Slender Man

Minecraft Slender mod brings terror to Minecraft

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Slender's Forest is a Minecraft map inspired by Slender: The Eight Pages. Minecraft's Endermen are an affectionate nod to the skinny monster birthed on the Something Awful forums, this is a perfect fit. That doesn't mean that Slender's Forest is a parody, or any less scary for Minecraft's boxy setting. You must pick your way through a dark forest at a slow pace, picking up pages without catching the eye of the monster and trying not to fall off your chair when you do.

Slender Man Source mod will let you scare the hell out of yourself for free, with friends

Tom Senior at

Remember the Slender Man game we mentioned a couple of weeks back? It's a terrifying indie horror based on the spooky Something Awful monster. You had to wander through a dark forest with a pale torch hunting for messages while trying not to look directly at the creature. It's scary as hell.

GOOD NEWS EVERYBODY, a different team are creating a version of Slender Man in Valve's Source engine. Fittingly, it's called Slender Source, and this one will let you avoid a horrifying death with friends. Yaay!