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Skyrim's Hearthfire expansion out now, property magnates rejoice

Marsh Davies at

Adventuring ain't for everyone. Why bother smashing dragons to bits with a mace possessed by a malevolent Daedric Prince when you can farm turnips from a frigid field? Now the Skyrim Hearthfire DLC has launched on Steam, the domestically-inclined Dovahkiin can do that and more with a massively expanded range of home-making mechanics.

PC Gamer UK Podcast: Episode 68 - Weirdly Positive

Chris Thursten at

This week, Tom Francis, Graham, Rich and Owen convene to talk about Rayman Origins, Fifa, Diablo 3, Skyrim DLC, DayZ, Bohemia's Carrier Command Remake, X-COM, Ghost Recon Online, the Steam charts and your questions from Twitter. All in all, it's a very positive experience.

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