Skrillex Quest

Continue?9876543210 is out, and as strange as its title suggests

Phil Savage at

Released last week, Continue?9876543210 slipped under the radar somewhat. Mostly because we were battling the after-effects of excess, having overindulged on a gluttonous triumvirate of Christmas, New Year, and Steam sale. But, having now played a little of the self-described "artsy" indie, it seems worthy of some attention, if only because it will be of interest to the sort of person who enjoys a little death, philosophy, and corrupted retro oddness in their games.

Created by Jason Oda - him what did 2012's excellent webgame Skrillex Quest - Continue?9876543210 casts you as a dead game protagonist, running around the innards of Random Access Memory, trying to escape from ultimate deletion. Basically, it's a dark and poignant version of '90s CGI cartoon ReBoot.

The Free Webgame Round-up

Tom Sykes at

While we wait for Far Cry 3 to stop throwing hissy fits, let's cheer ourselves up with the similarly dubsteppian tones of Jason Oda's Skrillex Quest, which is an astonishing thing to behold. Elsewhere it's memes, climbing, gorgons and land ahoy - check them out WUBWUB after the break. Wub.

Skrillex Quest is Zelda meets Sword and Sworcery meets dubstep

Phil Savage at

I'm a big fan of absurdly ludicrous things, so Skrillex Quest - and dubstep in general - is right up my alley. It's a browser-based homage to The Legend of Zelda, set inside an old NES cartridge that's bugging out thanks to a piece of dust that's found its way onto the elements.