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SimCity's beta EULA to be updated, EA: "players don't have anything to be concerned about"

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Yesterday, we brought news that, thanks to an overzealous clause in the SimCity beta agreement, EA were technically able to banhammer players out of their entire EA account if they failed to report the bugs that they'd found. Last night, EA contacted Kotaku to assure that they hadn't gone power mad, and would be adjusting the EULA accordingly.

SimCity beta's EULA contains EA wide ban clause for unreported bugs

Phil Savage at

EA's overzealous lawyers are at it again! Did you sign up for the upcoming SimCity beta? If so, did you read its giant EULA? Every last dry, boring, legally-binding word of it? No, me neither. Fortunately, SideQuesting spotted a tweet from Twisted Pixel's Dan Teasdale, pointing out a clause in the agreement that could result in a full EA ban for not reporting bugs.